Monday, August 4, 2008

Answers to Prayers and More

A big sigh of relief.

Ryan's cancer is gone. No evidence of any lasting disease present. Now we go into follow up mode every 6-8 weeks, they will do a chest x-ray and tumor markers, and every 3 months a CT of the chest. Such a blessing. Thank you God!!

I plan on making a special post about all the thanks you at a later time. But I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart--our whole family, for all of your prayers, and thoughts, and support along the way. We are truly blessed to have so many kind people taking time on our behalf. We are humbled and ever-so thankful for each and everyone of you!

I was hoping I would have had some guesses as to what Luke was trying to say, but I won't keep any shy blog followers from the "suspense," of not knowing what Luke was saying.

"noh"-- Nose. Luke also gracefully shows you where his nose is when you ask him to.... By sticking his finger right into his nostril. Hah ha.

"e-b oye."-- Big boy. As he points to himself. and on the occasion that I first heard this phase he was pointing at Daddy.

He is also getting better at identifying all of his body parts on his face.

We are working with Luke on potty training. He know what the potty is. Today I told him its time to go to the potty chair, and he went right into the bathroom and lifted the lid on his potty. He hasn't ever gone in the potty however. We have showed him the grunting noise to be made when on the potty and he does that very well also! :)
I am not positive if this is really what he was thinking or not, but today he was hanging out in his playpen while I was doing some touch up painting in the living room and he said "uh-oh" and grabbed his diaper. We headed into the bathroom and he again went right to his chair. So I am being very hopeful when I say this, but maybe, just maybe, is he getting it figured out?

I would really welcome any ideas or advise as to how to potty train a boy.

Oh yeah, one more word that I will just give you the answer to here.

"dub-you." --Love you. That one was easy. But was it ever so sweet to hear him say that today!!!!

God Bless you all!!!


Sarah Katherine said...

How cute! I wish I had some potty training advice, but alas I've only helped out with girls :( He will get the hang of it though! I'm also so relieved that Ryan is cancer free!! Hooray!! The prayers are answered :) I also wanted to send a big thank you to the BOTH of you for coming to the wedding! It meant so much to me and even Jesse and his mom said they could really see that. My family, of course, already knew it, and were excited to have you there too! Now that we are done wedding planning I want to make a trip out west, before it gets snowy. Let me know if there are any good times for you in the fall. The husband (so weird to call him that!) and I usually work weekends so maybe we can work something out during the week? I hope so! I miss you and love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Daddy Ryan needs to be doing this one. Take Luke into the bathroom every time you go. Stand him along side. It won't take long for him to get the idea.

Yes I have had just a little experience in training boys as you know.
So thankful Ryan is cancer free now. Sent an email to my prayer chain thanking them for their help. Granny