Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Man

Today is my little Luke's 2nd Birthday. I will say however excited and happy I am about this, I am also tearful that my little guy is getting so big already! I decided to reminisce over the event with some baby pictures, now that my little guy is no longer a "baby." (He will always be my baby though!) So enjoy the past with me!


Love Mommy, Daddy and baby.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ryan and I discussed our girl name options again, and compromised on a great first name but are so-so on the middle name. Which this may all change 3-4 months down the road but anyways,

Maybe you are wondering how that is pronounced... (add-a-lie). But don't say it like that! She will not be a lie. hee hee. Several middle name options I am going to go with. I would like everyones input too.
Addalei Dawn
Addalei Jae
Addalei Hope
Addalei Rose
Or something completely different!
Boys names to me right now are not as fun, so I haven't made them a focus, but Ryan and I really are liking:
Levi James
So let us know what you think!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thigh Master Baby

Little Tullis had decided that he/she was content to squeeze his/her legs together really tight so mommy and daddy and Dr. T. couldn't see what he/she really was. So, I don't have really any exciting news.

The heart looks great. Measurements came in saying the due date is Aug. 12th, but Dr. says we will keep the 13th for the due date. Ryan was able to see the baby's feet really good and see toesies and all that jazz. I can't see the monitor from across the room very well, and Dr. T, wasn't able to snap a clear pic. So, I couldn't really see them. :^( I got four, rather poor pics that I couldn't decipher a whole lot from. I don't plan to post them, but I might next month. I really wished Dr. could have gotten a shot of the thigh master baby in action. You could see both legs out perfectly straight together, squeezing the thighs shut. No peeking! Dr. T. also that in 4 weeks he will get another U/S to see if baby is done exercising the thighs and will let us look. I asked him about a 4-D photo and he said at 28 weeks we will try to get a face photo. He would have this time but he said, "the baby looks like a martian right now. Let's wait until he/she looks more like a Gerber baby." So more or less the next 2 appointments I will get an U/S.

I also asked him about the heart issue. He was concerned about the 140 rates, and said if this persists we should probably have me see the cardiologist. Money money money...... I am sure its a sinus tach, and stress induced--- but I am almost finished with my deductible and will get more coverage by my insurance anyways. Ryan thinks I should check it out. Hopefully it won't happen again and we won't have to worry.

Dr. T also solved one mystery for me, but I think I already had it figured out, I just need him to clarify. The placenta is safely towards the front on my uterus (belly side not back side) and thus creating a heavy blanket in the front, and so that is why I am not feeling my little peanut moving as much as I did with Luke. I had the notion that that was the reason why, I just wasn't for sure. Which is a relief because my other idea was not a good one.

So hopefully we will have some good pics coming in the next couple of months! :) I was bummed about the poor quality of pictures I received today. I will be honest and tell you that I was so selfish that I cried that I couldn't get a foot picture. I was looking forward to that one. But honestly, my baby is healthy and growing. why am I being that selfish? I should be elated that he/she is doing so well!!! So I put on a better face, and looked and my not great pictures and decided that on the femur picture you can see the foot on one leg and most likely the toes, and on the Abdomen measurement picture you can see the left hand and all 5 fingers. Then I started to feel better. And Ryan treated me to some yummy Mexican food, and let me get the expensive guacamole dip for our chips and salsa! Yum! And now, all though extremely tired, I feel happy and at peace with the appointment, and I wish 4 weeks would fly by quickly! Hee Hee.

So I also am going to note that we are wanting to take a trip, after we hopefully get the gender found out, to Omaha. So, Sarah, in May sometime we might have to plan a shopping day!!!?? I am already excited about it. Ryan is wanting to go to a poker tournament at the casinos, and that is an all morning/afternoon event. We could have a wonderful afternoon getting some great baby supplies, that is, if you think you can manage it with your due date coming shortly around the corner then. Anyways, let me know!!!

Well I found out what I was needing to know about the Twilight movie, and so I got the 1st movie and plan on watching it right now, while Luke naps. Or I might take a nap too. I am so tired today!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Everyday Strides

Really, life is blah right now. I don't feel that this post is news worthy or exciting. So I'll try to keep it short.

Luke-- Next week is his 2nd B-day!!! Wow such a big boy!!! I am sad and excited at the same time. We will just have family here for cake and ice cream. No big party this year. I am trying to figure out if I should bake his cake or find some one to do it for me? Not sure.

Baby-- still no big continuous movement cycle. Just a few squirms here and there are all I feel. Names: Levi James, and Jeremiah David are the toppers right now, no definite. Girls on the other hand, I feel really unsettled and a strong dislike for all of the name I had liked before, so I am back to square one. This Thursday is our BIG day. Lets hope this little one is agreeable for Dr. T. I am getting so excited for our appointment! 4 days!

Me-- Cold is better, I had a heart spell at work again. 140's and I was short of breath, diaphoretic and dizzy. I plan on talking to the Dr. about this to see if there is something I should be watching more. I know that this has reared it ugly face before and it eludes to a lot of dollars being shelled out for no necessary reason. Precaution, you think, I should just check, well when I have heard it 2-3 times already what it is and that I really can't do anything about it, what's the point of emptying my pockets out. I don't know. We'll see what doc thinks.

I am reading the Twilight series, now on New Moon. I have to say that I really am enjoying the books. The characters have encapsulated me. I am curious to see the movie. I am wondering if the movie is just the over first book or if it covers all 4 of the books. If someone knows please let me know. I would hate to spoil the books if it is over the whole series.

House-- Ryan is upstairs right now clearing/cleaning up the demolished walls that were!! I hope to go upstairs to help install insulation this afternoon while Luke is napping! Woohoo! We are using a plastic wrapped insulation, very nice!! I need to go dig in the basement for my mask so I don't breath any dust in! I am excited how we are coming along!

Plans- I guess the thing that we are planning is the US Thursday. Tonight we are going to benefit supper and concert for a pastor that is undergoing cancer treatments. I work Mon-Wed. But well absolutely find time to at least post what we found out at the US-- if we can see! ;)

Have a good week. Stay warm with this cold/snowy weather heading our way!!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cindy vs. Ucky Bugs

Wow. I wish I were done with the germs. I am officially on day 8 of this cold/sinus infection thing. I think I am going to break down and see if I should start up an Antibiotic. I hate doing so, but the boogies are no longer a good color. Yuck! Sorry TMI. I am officially done with the stomach flu now! Yippey! I had that Monday and Tuesday. Missed work on Tuesday, but I feel great today. I just have tons of sinus pressure and I am even thinking I feel a little chest heaviness-- please not in the lungs! Argg! Anyway, enough whining.

We are possible going to Kearney today. I have a few plans on my purchases today. I would love a browse through Hobby Lobby. I haven't gotten much there for a while now. I also Have a few books I am planning to purchase. The girls at work have STRONGLY recommended the Twilight series. I think I might delve into them myself. I am not a vampire fan, but I have heard so much good stuff, I might check it out.

Last few nights I have actually felt the baby's body; like the lump was on one side of my abdomen than the other. Way neat! Ryan and I are narrowing down the names. We have 4 for girls and 6 full names pick out for boys! Huge improvement! I feel much better!

I don't really have much else to share right now. Have a great day! Stay warm!!!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Thank God for Kids

I really could post a lot. I am lazy. So so lazy. I will try to get as much blogging in as I can before my little guy hollers at me.

So went to the doctor yesterday. Just a heartbeat check. 140bpm and a few kicks heard. Totally neat. The appointment lasted oh... 19 minutes, from the time I arrived to the time I got back to my car! Wow! Dr. T said that they prefer to do the 20 week US exactly at 20 weeks. I was so excited, I go back on the 26th!!!! 20 days from now, maybe I will find out this little ones gender!!!! Woohoo! I will definitely be counting down the days!

We are planning a trip to Lincoln or Omaha after that, and it just so happens that they have a Carters store in Gretna. They have TONS of cute cute cute baby clothes! If I find out this is a little girl, Ryan watch out, that cart is going to be full! If its a boy... I still plan on getting a few new outfits for my new addition, but we have an attic full of little boy clothes.

I am getting so excited!

My body. Man the clothes are pushing the limit. I have practically 1/2 the amount of pregnancy tops that actually fit anymore. I am s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g. It is not the greatest feeling. Definitely different than with Luke. I had it checked out last week so I could be sure the baby was OK. Yep! I am having round ligament pain. Well that's fantastic! But really, I am relieved that nothing is really wrong, I can so deal with this knowing that little one is okay in there. I am getting a lot bigger, a lot sooner. I have gained 5 pounds total so far. Also, the appetite has returned with a vengeance-- stay out of my way at the buffet line! "Prego gal coming through!!" Not really, I just have a constant urge to munch all the time! Must... stop.... now........

We went to an Oak Ridge Boys concert last night. It was a lot of fun! Man they are so good! Not to mention their ages either, like 60's?

Luke has had the flu, last two day he has been sick. Poor guy. I hope he feels better today. Speaking of which he is hollering for his Momma. So I better wrap this up.

We are all doing great here, getting excited for the little one, and just enjoying life. Hope you are too!!!

God Bless