Tuesday, April 12, 2011


What a day! It was a crazy day today. We had scopes and inpatients. I am took care of an insulin drip on a patient and frequent call lighters, and wonderfully nice patients and nervous nellys and sick sick patients. I really enjoyed my day until 1600. Then it was time to chart and my brain was swimming!

In addition to this I got hand sanitizer in my eye and poked myself with a needle. Argh.

I think my brain could have coped better if I would have slept better last night. Praying for a good nights rest tonight, and focusing on my getaway with the hubs later this week!

Sigh of relief.

Thanks for allowing me to vent a little.

Have a great night!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oregon Pics

Just some pics of our trip to Oregon a few months ago. Enjoy. The view from outside our suite. Breathtaking isn't it? Our favorite spot to go when we visit. Cape Perpetua. One of the first spots we could see the ocean. So we stopped for a photo op and then a few miles later a nature walk. It was great! Ryan took this photo. Such amazing beauty God created for us to enjoy. Have a great day! :) Cindy

Friday, April 8, 2011

Life Cyclical

I feel like this time in my life is repetitious. I am aware that I have added another child into the mix, but I feel like things are in a way deja vu to me right now.
I am creatively in tune, and trying to find outsources for it.
I feel the absolute need to lose weight and exercise, and by ends day haven't accomplished much into that.
I feel more need to share more thus blog more. Which is good for this page, because to be honest, about 2 months ago I was very tempted to just delete my blog. I was certain my lack of post had resulted in no readers anymore. I am glad to see I still have one reader. :)

Another cyclic event is the potty training of my Adalei. No go yet. She has been going pee-pee following our q 15 minute potty breaks. I am going to keep trying, but if she doesn't get it over this weekend I might give her some more time to figure out things before pressuring her. She know when she does go, she says "potty, yucky." just getting her there before an accident happens hasn't happened. Yet! Sigh.

The need for organization and cleanliness is pressuring me. I really want some motivation and ideas on how to organize things.

Lastly but not least, is my feelings of the need to show kindness and love to others, yet not smothering them. I think I miss having time with friends outside of work that I seen to bother those that I work with a little bit. I have a overwhelming need to be liked, that I am very paranoid at times that everyone hates me, and am way to sensitive, however, in trying to not be so sensitive I become unkind. Ugh. I need a happy medium!

Phew. That felt good! Cleaned and organized my brain a little at least. Alright nap time for my babies are in order, now I will work on cleaning and other fun things I need to tackle!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Blog header

I have been excited to work on this. I love Scrapblog. Although most of it is not free anymore, there are still some fun things to put together to make it work. Plus, I am sure many of you (ha) were looking forward to seeing post-fetus pictures of Adalei in the header. Faster Internet connection has blessed me with that being a possibility again! :) Well this Momma needs some sleep. The babies are resting and so shall I! Have a great day!
Spring. Happy that its made its way here. Temp is in the 50 and 60s. Unfortunately haven't been able to enjoy it. Bummer! Night shift work. I am off Thursday until Monday. Hoping to enjoy the sunshine. Luke's birthday went well. He had a blast. Can't believe he is 4! It was humorous the night before his actual birthday I was telling him what was happening 4 years ago that day. I got a little teary eyed. Luke looks up at me and says, "Mommy, why you got sad eyes?" "Cause I'm a man?" Ha ha. I stifled a half laugh/cry and hugged my little 'man.' I love him! I hope tomorrow I can try to update my blog, but no promises. Oh yeah, our trip to Oregon was fabulous. Cold, but good. We are already missing it, and threw the idea of another trip back there up just tonight! Could you please pray for some dear family friends of ours. They are experiencing some medical issues, and have had a hard past 9 months. Pray for the Great Healer to place His hands on this sweet family, and heal all of their ailments. Thank you. Thanks for stopping in. Have a great day!