Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Life of a Pregnant Mommy.

I am 7 weeks and 6 days along. My baby is a Blueberry in size!!!

Wow. The nausea is much worse this time around, than it was with Luke. I will say that I haven't actually had an emesis all over the place, but the constant queasiness is catching up with me. If I am doing something, and not staring at the t.v. with a possible food shot popping up I do rather well. At work, meal times are not good. Otherwise, I am okay. The clean up on some people have thrown a curve ball at me, but not terrible--yet. It seems to get worse every day though. Every morning I sit just trying to get myself to calm down so I don't throw up. I can usually talk myself out of it. However, maybe it would just be easier to let myself puke and be done with it. Food consumption doesn't help or hinder the situation. I feel the same after I eat as I did before I ate. I will say though, if I eat slowly, so far I haven't had to get sick immediately afterwards. I did learn from my last pregnancy if you feel like you are going puke, you probably are (IE: Arby's, and expensive Boston restaurant). I may nibble on crackers or drink some lemonade so the nausea settles down before I dive in. Ah, Lemonade. It's my best friend! We are getting along swimmingly.I do remember the Nurse Practitioner telling me before that sweetened water will usually stay down better than water itself. So I have been big on the lemonade, it definitely has helped. Which brings me to a new topic.

Caffeine. I already know that the stuff is nasty for a baby, and before I knew I was pregnant I was sucking the stuff down, I was loving the soda and the coffee drinks, which was a rarity anyways for me, because I usually don't drink them due to some past problems with some tachycardia. Well I was beginning to notice the tachycardia flaring up again. I was bummed, I slowed down after that. However, what pushed me over was this little episode; I had known I was pregnant for about 1 week, and one of the doctors brought coffee and muffins for the nurses! How awesome is that!!! So I filled my 8 ounce cup half way with coffee and diluted it a LOT with creamer and sugar, half cream/half coffee. Anyway I drank maybe half of it, and I could feel my heart start to pound in my chest, I started to feel woozy, and pukey. It was not good. I checked my heart rate--140. Bp was still fine as it almost always was with my tachycardia. So I threw out the coffee and chugged some water, while I sat in break room. Man, it took like 1/2 an hour before I felt somewhat better. After that I decided caffeine and me are not friends. Thus, lemonade and I struck up a happy friendship. Sometimes a soda sounds really good, but I know better. I have been drinking some decaf sodas, but I prefer water or lemonade. It's better for me and for baby.

I am tired though. Nighttime is when I usually get my most ambition to do SOMETHING, and I tucker out quickly. I have passed out every night. So exhausted. I even have gone to bed before Luke. How sad is that?
I have actually lost 2-3 lbs, due to nausea. I really am only supposed to gain 15 pounds the whole pregnancy anyways, due to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Okay, well I talked to my mom and she asked me a question, that threw me for a loop. So I decided I better explain some things. This might get a little TMI and I am sorry. So we are thoroughly blessed to be pregnant right now. Even though, I not so secretly craved to be pregnant, I knew that Ryan and I couldn't conceive, for up to 2 -4 year, if even at all. We had the sperm banked in Omaha, and planned to possibly use some this next year IF we were unable to get pregnant ourselves. We had been trying for some time, that is why you read my sad posts about not being pregnant. I had done a lot of praying and seeking God, and finally became comfortable with the fact that we might not ever get pregnant naturally. Well if you remember my ovarian cyst episode, at my last appointment the doctor told me my right ovary was about to ovulate and Baby dance time was NOW. And well... we baby danced. and, umm... got the job done! So, Ryan is effective at getting me pregnant again/still. So no sperm bank was needed. Praise God!

The reason we held off telling everyone was because we were waiting to tell my/his parents. It was their Christmas present. It was 2 pictures, one of Luke:

And this one:

With this card attached:

I made the card on Scrapblog. I love that website. you have to check it out sometime!!

We sure enjoyed seeing every ones response. My little Sister's was cute.

Me: "Guess what Brentney?"

Brentney: "What?"

Me: "You're going to me an aunt again."

Brentney: "How?"

Me: "I am going to have another baby."

Brentney: looking at my belly "You are? I hope it's a girl... or a

Me: "Me too!"

Brentney then pats my belly and cups her hands around her mouth and places
her hand on my belly and says "Hi baby, I hope you are a girl or a boy."

She then informs me that if it is a girl her name should be Rosie. ----I am
not so sure about that. Hee hee.

Speaking of boy/girl issue. Its a boy. I know it! I just have that feeling. If not, well that just great too. I just see it being in this order boy, boy, and girl. I don't mind either way. I am nervous about a girl. I sure it will be fine though! Man I love being pregnant! I am so excited. I did buy a girl toddler shirt. Ryan wasn't very happy about it though. Oh well!! It was pink with gray dots on it with a gray ribbon around the waist, and has a gray long sleeve shirt underneath with a little ruffle on the end of the sleeves of both the gray and the pink shirt. too cute, and it was on clearance for 5 bucks. Ryan doesn't want me to buy stuff for a baby girl or a boy, until we know what it is..... Grrr... That frustrates me, but I still get some things and just take the grumbling. I still have the little dress and sweater I got for when we were pregnant with Luke, I told him I would return it or give it as a present, I didn't have the heart to. Its so cute, and I just have to keep it Just in Case! I promise that it will be used, when? I don't know but it will be. Ryan said "what if none of your friends have a girl?...... uhhh.....? I am sure Someone will!!! Crazy boy! Anyways, I still plan on buying things that are on sale and just deal with some noise from my big guy. :)
Oh yeah. Monday is the big day!!!! I have my first appointment on Monday. So I most likely won't post from now until then, but you never know. This will probably take you until Monday to read. I was a little long winded, but you all deserve a longer post, in place of my absence, I kinda left my thoughts just hanging last post.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Well, we are winding things down at our house this evening. Ryan and I both have to work, and Luke is supposed to be in bed, however, he has had far too much chocolate. Sigh. Bad choice Mommy. Oh well. He sure looked cute covered in chocolate. Luke got some great presents this year. We thank everyone for our wonderful presents!!!

Most of all we thank God for sending Jesus to be born and later die for our sins. Thank You!

Well, I am very tired, I have some great things to share, and I really really really want to go into great detail, but I am to tired and my 1000 pm bedtime is approaching very quickly. So, I will just lay it out straight, and share more details, hopefully tomorrow! WE are Pregnant!!! Yippee! I am 7 weeks along, and had to wait to share our big news until I told the folks-- it was a great Christmas gift. Explain more later. Anyways, the Due date is August 13th. Our Anniversary. More Later.

Have a great Christmas Night!!

Blessings to you and yours!

Friday, December 19, 2008

5 Day Weekend

Oh man I am so excited that it is my weekend. I don't return to work until Wednesday! Woohoo! However, I am sick. Ugh! I have a terrible sinus congestion, ears hurting, sneezing, coughing, achy cold something. I went to bed at 930 last night, but I slept terrible. I am glad I didn't have to work, because I would have had to call in sick. So what are my plans for my lovely weekend. Well tonight is a Christmas party for Ryan's work. I hope I am feeling okay. I really don't want to get all dolled up to go to it... Sigh.

Saturday, Ryan is going to work on the bathroom cabinet. I am excited about that! Ready to get some of our bathroom organized a little better, and the plan Ryan has for the cabinet, is awesome. I think it will look great. What a man I have!!

Sunday is all about going to church. They cancelled church due to the weather last week, so I am really excited to to church this week! I love Singing Christmas songs. Afterwards, we probably will be working on the cabinet and cleaning the house.

Monday, clean the house. Clean the house. Maybe even go to Ryan's work and clean his office. I am hoping to shampoo the carpets here and there.

Tuesday. Bake, and cook. Bake and cook! All the yummy goodies for our Christmas dinners!!
I am making:
  • truffles
  • deviled eggs
  • ramen noodle salad
  • turtle cheese cake
  • and probably something else I haven't thought of yet.

Well I hopefully will be on here again, Just thought I'd stop in for now, but If I don't, have a good weekend.


Monday, December 15, 2008

10 Days

This is just a random post. Can you believe there are 10 days til Christmas?!

I still hate ham. Yuck!

I love Christmas.

I love my present this year! It's the best one ever.

This year. Wow, this year. I never want to repeat it. It makes this Christmas extra special.

My husband is the most wonderful, caring man alive.

P.S. I Love You is a great movie.

I am tired and emotional-- after watching this movie.

I still am wanting to cry.

I am excited for getting Christmas cards and treats delivered.

I posted different music for Christmas. These are my favorite ones.

Here are the Christmas tree hunt pictures. We had fun even though it was bitter yesterday.
Hot Chocolate and Candy canes are a must. Jamming out to Christmas tunes also a must.
Luke chillin' in his impressive snow suit.
Daddy enjoying his cup of minty cheer!

Yah! Our Christmas tree. It tried to escape twice and roll away from us. But we captured it!! hee hee.

Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weary and Unproductive

Blah! So there are a ton of things that I need to be doing, I am very lackadaisical. When I finally get the motivation to get something done around here, I tired and its late. Well not today! I am going to try to get a list of things done before my LONG weekend of work... Yuck.
My List
  • Blog entry. Done wo hoo!
  • Laundry-- folding and putting away.
  • Sweep and mop kitchen.
  • Get a plan for Christmas Eve supper dishes ready. (Nervous about this one, first holiday at our house. Eeep! I am hoping Ryan's small family gathering will go well, and be able to have my bigger family gathering here for another holiday. I hope we have enough room! I am sure we will make due!)
  • Call Holly about Christmas Eve
  • Get bills paid
  • Get some Christmas card out!
  • Clean bedroom.
  • Scrub toilet--- yuck.
  • Take trash out. Even more yuck

See how I cleverly placed the yucky ones on the bottom... Maybe I won't be able to get to them and Ry... ahem. Excuse me, I will have to do it some other time. So, I had better just get it done sooner so I don't have to mess with it at 900 tonight when I am getting everything settled for my work weekend. On to more interesting things.

The Direct TV man is coming today! I am kinda excited, I love watching HGtv at work during my lunch break so, I will probably have it tuned there at times. Also, I will need to check out the kiddies channels. That's what I am not so excited about. I am nervous about getting a stony TV faced child, who get sits there, and me not realizing how terrible its getting will allow it. Ahh. No I will shut the !&#* thing off. I will not do that!! I am going to try my hardest. Luke runs around and plays so well, I don't want him time warped into the t.v. I don't want to be that either! However, I am excited to watch some prime time shows, like biggest loser and there are a few others that I see on the T.V. when I am leaving from work that I think hmm... that looks good. Ryan doesn't like prime time, however we are getting a super deal which we are getting a DVR. I am stoked to be able to record my shows. So I hope that goes okay. It has been over a year since we have had t.v. I actually didn't mind it but my hubby is missing the football games and news... Eh. No big deal to me. We went to his folks and stared at their t.v. for hours watching football. It was nice to hang out over there, I just hated it being for that reason.

Well I better get my list started so I can be done with it sooner! Have a great day!


Friday, December 5, 2008

In My Place

You see when I get to thinking I control things, God puts a big "who do you think you are?" halt to it. But ever so gently. He has always been good like that. Although at times I may not think so, and well the whole issue of Ryan's cancer was a comletely different story, God has shown me what is right and that He is the one who is actually in control. When I realize that He controls things and I let God put me in my place, the pieces fall together. They totally make sense. I am humbled by Him right now.

At peace.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The play went okay. Somewhere along the way we got totally mixed up... and skipped a lot and then retraced back. It was alright though... We had fun and the Theater was PACKED!!! Not even standing room left!!!
So that was neat. My father in law took pictures so I will post some whenever I get them.

Today is Christmas decorating day. I will see how helpful the little dude is. We are going to decorate all except the tree... because we don't have it yet. We have to wait for more snow to make the tree hunting process more fun. It's our tradition to go after a blizzard/big snowstorm, like RIGHT after it, the road are probably not meant to be on then but Ryan is too adventurous. Since Luke's arrival we have waited until the snowstorm was over and everything calmed. My blog ID picture was Luke's first Christmas experience. The one before Luke..... I was pregnant. And Emotional, and cried that we were taking the tree from its family. WOW! That was funny after I had Luke and realized how silly it was.
So, I look forward to getting hot chocolate for us and chocolate milk for Luke and candy canes and driving through the pastures to look for that perfect Christmas tree.

What traditions do you have during Christmas time?

MckRebeling in Awe.

MckMama is doing it again. Only this time the prize is HUGE. She is giving away a camera and accessories and a blog page make over!!! Totally sweet! I recommend y'all check out her page and check it out this super awesome contest. If you have time I highly suggest reading their story. It is a MckMiracle to be certain!!! Such a blessing. MckMama sure has a great talent for photography and being an awesome mommy. Anyways, check out here contest to score some MAJOR prizes!!! It is for a great cause--3 sources for the donation/entry. She has all the information on her page, and can explain it all much better than I can, so go MckRebel yourself!!!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Charisma

Christmas!!!!! I LOVE Christmas!!!!!

I love love love the songs praising God for sending his baby boy to be born and later die for us unworthy people! Oh, I can never get enough of the Christmas music!!! I am soooo ready to decorate and currently am enjoying the some Christmas music. Ella Fitzgerald, Big Crosby, Frank Sinatra... Oh Man it pumps me up!

The Christmas play is today. Whoo Hoo. I am nervous and excited about. I am now taking a major part in the play, as one of the actresses was unable to take her part anymore-- the day before Thanksgiving, so, now yours truly is "Angelina-- the partyiest Baddest Angel." The play is a short play about bad angels trying to prove they're worthy of not being sent to the Black Hole. It's a cute play. This weekend I was to learn the lines exactly and direct the rest, while working... it didn't work the best, however, I was able to coax some wonderful helpers the hold practices for me. Please pray that tonight will go great and flawless!!!!

My sister in law told me a phase that I have been meditating on, and it definitely has helped.

Too Blessed to be Stressed

That's my new theme, and although at work this weekend I didn't meditate on this or pray enough, it did help when I thought of it and said a little prayer. Sigh...

Well I need to get the programs printed and cut for the play. You all are welcome to come see the play and enjoy some small town Christmas Charm tonight if you would like.

Christmas Charisma to You!