Friday, February 3, 2012

Foodie.... Not Fattie!

Crunchy Granola

(not as healthy as I would like it to be)

Yummy Layered Jell-O

I Love Pintrest! I have found so many yummy foods to try. Neat hair do ideas, ideas for Luke's Mickey Mouse themed birthday party. And AWESOME craft ideas. If any of you want an invite leave your email addy and I'll invite you! And you can join me on this craze.

As you may have noticed on my little blinkie on the side I have reached my 20 lbs mark, and going strong. I am constantly looking for more inspirations and routines to try. Started to include a "Fab Ab February" Routine to my workout. I really doubt I will get FAB abs in just a month... Well I might, but it's well hidden under layers and layers of fat. So I will continue to do them and hope my pants and shirts fit a little looser. Planks really are killer. They look simple enough, but if you do them correctly.... Wow! Burn baby burn!

Adalei's finger is doing great. Still doing the bandage changes daily. Today she is a little mopey but snuggly. It is a cold snowy day, makes me extra snuggly too. So I don't mind.

Well 5-14 inches of snow expected here. Only about 2 inches maybe here so far. So I hope tomorrows drive to work goes okay. Safe travels and stay warm!