Monday, July 27, 2009


Please Pray for Stellan. His heart and body are giving up on him. He has been in SVT for 3 days, and his little body is giving up. Things sound very discouraging for him. And his family is on his way to join him in the hospital.

Oh Lord, please heal little Stellans heart, and hold his family in your hands right now Lord.

Please visit MckMama's website for more info.


Secret party exposed....

Ryan's secret surprise 1 year cancer free party was revealed. By me. Well, on accident. I forgot to look through the mail that I had picked up while I was delivering some invitation. An invite got wedged in between a couple of bills and Ryan found it. I guess that takes some stress off me as to trying to keep it a secret, and figuring out how to get Ryan to the party. So now I have to get all the food preparations made, I actually need to finish mailing out a few invites.
Its this Friday. Any of you blog reader want to join us its at the Arnold Community Center at 700 pm. We will have a simple supper and visiting, and I think I will bring some games, like cards and poker chips, and maybe some board games. Everyone can come. Come join the fun!

Unless, things get hairy around here.... Yesterday at work I terrible back pain and contractions that ranged to about every 20-30minutes apart, I still had my positional contractions too. Those don't count. If they did it would have been more like every 10-15 minutes. I had some during the night also. Today. only a few and far between. I bet if I where to go for a walk that would stir things up. Luke's still asleep and it pouring down rain right now. So that won't happen yet.

We went swimming last night. It was SO much fun!!!! I was so happy to finally go swimming. Ryan held Luke most of the time so I was free to float around and feel virtually weightless. So great!

Oh at my doctors appointment on Thursday, he said the baby's great, come back in a week. He didn't check me or anything. I wonder if I will get checked this week? I have officially seen all the OB Dr's. now, and all of them know about my heart stuff, so I feel better about that. Now when Addie chooses to show up, everyone is in the know. Oh and my heart Dr. stopped me and talked to me at work yesterday. Just checking up on me. I thought that was very kind. My family doctor doesn't even recognize me, let alone ask how I am doing. Well that's about it. Have great day! I will let you all know when the "Splashdown" occurs. (someone asked me that, when the splashdown was going to happen. I thought that was funny term, so I am throwing it out there.)

Friday, July 17, 2009


Well I am having fun getting guesses on when Adalei will be born, her weight, and height. So much fun I thought why not run this over to my blog!!! I am thinking I will even have a prize for the person who guesses the correct day. I decided I need you all to guess a time also, just in case I have more entries than I think I will, and need a tie breaker. If I get a good response I will even do a contest for the closest weight. We will see.

What will be the prize? I haven't quite got that all figured out, but I will do SOMETHING. A gift certificate, or maybe something more....

For those readers that do not have a blogger account just post as anonymous and in your comment leave a way to identify/reach you.

Oh and for a hint. Luke was 7.4 ounces at birth.

So send me your date/time, and even weight/height guess if you want!! I am excited to see what you all are thinking out there! :)

Happy guessing!!!!!!! The contest entry will end Friday July 24th. And the winner will be announced by Adalei..... In her own way. LOL :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Heart appointment: wait it out. Dr. H. and I decided to see how things go for the next 4-5 weeks, if it becomes terrible go back. If my heart stuff doesn't settle down after Addie's here, go back, otherwise F/U in 6 months. My BP's run low already so he is nervous about placing me on a beta blocker. 106/60-- I agree. He tells me he is not sure why it happens, but some pregnant ladies do have issues with it. Piecing together Dr. H. and Dr. W.'s thoughts, I feel more at peace with the plan. I have had less frequent spells, however with worsening symptoms, but I believe that is because I getting bigger-- pregnancy wise. I am having more SOB because I am carrying a 5-6 pound baby around and all the extra stuff that comes along with it. So, I will continue to wait it out and monitor it, and be thankful its not a irregular rhythm. Now the OB Dr.s will have a heads up during my labor.

Baby appointment: So maybe she is not in the birth canal yet. They checked me when they were doing the swab stuff. I am 1 cm dilated and long. So still has to drop. That's okay. I'd hate to have her with her head in the birth canal for 4 weeks and be terribly cone headed anyways! :) Measuring at 38 weeks this week, so still 2 cm big. Her heart rate is 135. All is well and I go back next Thursday. So now I suppose I had better do the pregnancy questionnaire:

How far along: 36 weeks today!

Mommy's weight gain: I will say that it has jumped a little. 22 pounds.

Baby's size : according to babycenter. Addie is 18 inches long and almost 6 pounds.

Cravings: pretty much anything sweet will do. Ice cream for the last week, I finally indulged and had some yummy peanut butter/chocolate swirl last night. Very tasty.

Labor signs: Like I said yesterday, the lower back pressure and pain, and last night I had some bad contractions, but after I went to bed they went away.

Maternity clothes: just trying to make these last few weeks stretch by with what I have. Hubby's t-shirts and stretchy pants at home. I will have to go and get a new outfit later this month. We will see how that all pans out.

Sleep: Actually I have slept great the last couple of nights!

Milestone: 1 cm dilated! and being full term now. Phew. Baby can show up anytime if she wants.

We are starting to get the rooms situated for the baby. Ryan is going to work on the "new" dresser for Luke's room, and then we will bring his old one out to the living room, and attach the diaper changer pad to it. Viola, baby station for Mom in the middle of the night. Luke's new room is still on the stand still. One word--Drywall. Yuck. I am going to see how much I can reorganize our room and have Ryan make some small furniture adjustments so I can place the bassinet next to our bed. I feel so unprepared. Ryan is not much for getting things rearranged, "we have like 4 weeks still." SO frustrating! He'll kick it in gear though the week that she shows up..... :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy Time

Luke at the 4th of July parade.

Dorky smile, but a happy Mommy!

New hair do.
My hair actually had more body than this yesterday, I should have had Ryan wake up to take a better picture then... J/K!

We got a new entertainment stand for our living room. I am so excited! It was a great deal, originally 200 dollars. We got it for 80!!! Ryan put it all together yesterday and now I have to figure out how I want the room rearranged and he will set it in place tonight. Yippey!

Luke and I have official business to attend to this morning then its off to N.P. for appointments. Luke is going to hang out at my sisters house with "Timmy, Gage and Bit-ney" (as Luke calls them) while I go to my heart appointment and my OB appointment.

I will let you know that I feel that maybe Addelei has dropped. (Side note we are still figuring out how to spell her name. I think I am leaning with it spelled with the e in the middle not the a, less likely to take the name literally that way.) She is no longer riding up in my ribs, I can breathe easier, and I feel her in my pelvis much more. But maybe I am incorrect. I will ask the nurse practitioner that I am seeing today if she can tell. I can feel Addie's head in my pelvic region. I am also experiencing the "menstrual ache," for me it feels like its a heavy bloated ache in my pelvic region. Also my lower back is really aching off and on. So I will run these past her too. I have my strep swab today also. Oh joy. Well I need to get off of here so I can get my "business" done!

Have a Wonderful Day!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sporting a new do, and a big belly.

I am super excited for tonight. I have a date with my super sweet hubby tonight. We are going to supper then a movie. Most likely we are going to see transformers or hangover. I think probably transformers.

I got my hair cut yesterday. Totally needed it. I am really loving it too. Lots of short layers and it curls really fun now with my old perm in it still. I can't wait to get all dolled up for my date! I will snap a picture, If I remember.

My stomach is getting big! Yesterday at my appointment they measured me at 37 weeks. I'm 35 weeks. Caught up a little in comparison to 35 @ 31 weeks like before, but still bigger than before. I weighed less this time (because I didn't chug a root beer float before I went this time.) ;^) Baby's heart rate was 130. He said her head is down. Hope she will stay there! He is still concerned about the heart stuff, but relieved its a normal sinus rhythm and not any funky beats. Dr. W says that at least we have a background check on it when/if I get a really high heart rate during labor.

I was supposed to have a heart check up yesterday too, but they had to reschedule it. I was peeved. So the nurse practitioner looked at all my results and told me everything looked really pretty good. However, she still wanted me to visit with the doctor about everything. So I go in Wednesday, if they don't change on me again.

Last night I had 2 long episodes of tachycardia. The first was 45 minutes and the second 35 minutes. I was just standing/strolling. I have been documenting them so I can show the doc.

I will try to get some pics later.
Have a great day!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Get Organized

I feel the nesting sensation coming on strong. Let's see if it remains with me for the rest of the day. I am planning on dragging out all of Luke's baby things and cleaning needed things up and getting them situated for use. Washing all of the clothes I plan to use-- that means taking most of the tags off of them. (If its not a girl, that wont be good. But it was pretty clear that it is.)Although I still have 6 weeks left I am going to put the diaper changer out in the living room where it will stay until Luke's new room is done. I should of already had it done, but I plan to get my hospital bag packed too. I can not describe this hunger I have to see my baby now. It's driving me crazy. I pulled out the new little sleepers I bought yesterday and held it up to my shoulder like I was holding Addie and patted "her bottom." I think that is one of my favorite things with my babies.

When they are all curled up and their little bottom sticks out a little when they are on your shuolder.
Kissing their cheeks (the ones on their face thats is, being how I was just talking about the other end I felt the need to clarify)
Their sweet, sweet, smell.
Them holding your finger.

Overall I just can't wait to see what she will look like. How much that will change and who she will be. I had a dream last night, that they have a special US machine that will show you the actual color of their eyes and hair. --- Geeze no suprises would be left then, right? Anyways, Addie had red hair like her Daddy, and Blue eyes also. I am beyond excited to find out. I hope that that is the case, Ryan really wants a little girl that looks like her Momma. Blonde hair, brown eyes. I will be happy either way! :)

EEeekkk! I am way excited!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Health update and a little venting.

Had my echo today. The tech that does it, said everything looked great. Yesterday, NHI called and said that my heart strips were back and my rate ranged from 62-182. When I actually noted a symptom of faster heart rate or palpitations it was only 118 as a high. They will review it more with me on the 10th. I also exercised and am sure that's when the 182 rate came into play. I felt fine though-- an understandable fast rate that went away quickly. My episodes are when I am virtually doing nothing and last 20-30 minutes. I want to catch those!!

Now I am just going to be dismissed and nothing of it. Its aggravating to me. I want to scream, and cry and be upset over it. I feel like a fool. The Echo tech kept saying "this is so easy, I've never had a good looking heart as this." Why would that make me angry? I have no idea, but I do feel angry about it all. I honestly don't want something to be wrong with my heart. I just want answers. Not the brush -off. I feel 182 is terribly high. But I never felt it was that high. I hear the words now. "You just need to increase your activity level (exercise regimen) and practice stress relief techniques." (aka: "It's all in your head and you are morbidly obese and need to lose some freaking weight.")

I am so sorry, this is coming across very negative to everyone reading. I have been moody these last few days and I few bad about it. So I am sorry you are catching it. But I needed another outlet, praying helps calm me but I want to release my anger first.

I am going to go get supper ready for my wonderful supportive husband now.