Thursday, June 25, 2009

Growing Girl

Had my appointments over the last few days.

I was having a heart spell at work, they sent me over to NHI. I had already started to calm down before I got there, but I was still flushed, sweaty and dizzy. Then did an EKG sinus tach 115. BP was a little high, mostly due to me rambling and nervous 146/104. So then I sported a heart monitor and and got labs drawn. Yesterday I returned the heart monitor and they informed me that my labs are fine. Never once did I have another episode to say while wearing it. I felt a few faster heart rates low 100s, and a few palpitations, but not the 144 I was doing the day before. I have an echo scheduled for the 1st. And a follow up appointment the 10th. They said they will most likely give be a beta blockers to lower the heart rate and calm some of those symptoms down. I am sure they are going to tell me like they have in the past. Idiopathic sinus tachycardia. Mind over matter. Sigh. We will see.

But that's not the reason I am posting. I wanted to share my OB appointment with you all. First off, I once again tell you that I love Dr. J. By far the best! So thorough. My mother in law went with me to this appointment, since I was getting an US and had taken my mom to one, I thought I'd have Holly join me this time. We went back to the US room, got my BP taken. It was just fine. Phew! Dr. J comes in. I asked if the baby was positioned right if he could peek. "Of course" I was told! Score! I know that the picture on the side bar changes every week, but right now its on 33 weeks and that was just about the position the baby was in. Dr. pointed out the femur and then stopped on on area and asked us what the certain body part was. I was thinking labia, but was afraid to have my thoughts denied and be told something else. Holly asked "scrotum?" Dr. J says "No. That's the labia. This is a little girl. The dark color is fluid and that is the fluid around the area. " It was a clear shot of my little girls parts. I have a picture actually, but I don't think I will post it. Kinda weird maybe, but I feel as if that is too personal..... She was so camera shy for so long, now I post her to the world? Haha. Silly I know.

Then he measured the head, and abdomen, the femur, and looked at her heart, and he pointed out the features of her face, and the showed us her little foot with one toe sticking up, it was adorable. He also showed us her abdomen moving and explained that she was practicing breathing with diaphragm movements!! Way neat to see. That's my girl! Then he looked at the fluid and placenta. He explained all the many reasons in which I could have been measuring large (which was a measurement of 35 weeks instead of 31), and said that everything looked great. Healthy baby. She is growing at the 50th percentile, and actually estimated that she was 4 lbs 13 ounces!!!! Way to grow! Ryan pointed out that the EDD in the pictures say August 9th, 2009, that's 4 days early. But the Dr. didn't say anything different so I am sticking with the 13th, until she tells us differently! :)

He reassured me of many other things, and told me that I just need to make myself relax with the heart thing. He also told me not to gain much more weight. I started to protest that their scale is so off. and since my appointments have been later and later in the afternoon there was food to account for. I told him on my home scale I have weighed the same for 2 months now with just a few ounces difference. I think he could tell that I was ready to attack about all of it. I feel I am doing great, and he did look into that and said to just be careful, about it. Which kinda unnerved me a little because this is when the baby is going to be the one gaining, how am I supposed to stop that! According to my scale I did jump up a teeny bit and am now up 19 lbs. I am eating healthy (for the most part) and am actually doing a low intensity work out. That I feel great about, and if I do say so myself, I can gain 5-10 lbs and not have too much trouble. I have 7 weeks left. Wow. Can you believe that?

I need to get stuff prepared for her. I feel weird changing Luke's room around, but I need to get things situated so I am not digging out of the closet for stuff for her each day.... I don't know what to do. It's still Luke's room and I want him to be able to play in but I need to set things up so they are ready for her, without his little fingers getting into everything. Ryan is allowing me to get a girl bedding set and so I am looking at some different options, I want it to be purple, and something that goes well with a yellow wall. I have two options right now.

Ryan and I also had a discussion about her name again. He really likes Sarah still. I like the name but am not in love with the name. Addalei-- I have a 75% love for. Emilee Dawn 40%. I feel that maybe I shouldn't have been open about the name, because now I feel kinda stuck with Addalei, I mean Luke says it now, and knows that there is a baby hiding in mommy's belly named Addalei and even prays for her, by name. So I feel like I have to use it. And now that makes me not like it so much. But Ryan has made it clear that Sage will not be her middle name. He doesn't like it at all. So I have been mulling over a few different names and I know at first I didn't care for it but I think I like Addalei Rose Tullis. Ryan loved it, but will give it some time. I will keep my backup names there too. Ryan still likes Adrienne also.

Well I have blabbed on and on. I am going to go finish up some laundry and straighten my house a little more. Bye for now!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Water fun

Happy time in the water!

My what big tracks those are!

Bubble fun!

Baby bump!

I am home sick today. Had a stomach ache all throughout the night. Cramps, contractions, back ache, no sleep, nausea. I got 2 hours in. I would have been very unproductive at work today. Still feel queasy and have heartburn. But no more scary stomach cramps with contractions. Just going watch some t.v. with Luke and pray that he is ready for a nap early today. I need some sleep! Getting me ready for my sleepless nights I suppose? Wow.
I had to share the pictures with you though. They make me smile! Well, more later.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Parade and park fun

I took Luke to the Kids parade they had for NebraskaLand Days. Him and his aunt Brentney and cousin Gage dressed up like Rockin' Cowboys/cowgirl. They were very cute. I will post a pic if I get one, or when I figure out the video camera hook up to the net thing..... We then went and ate at a yummy Chinese restaurant, and then made our way to the par. Where we saw lots of baby animals, and played until we were really hot on the playground, then got some ice cream, which was enjoyed by everyone!! So much fun!!! I loved it, I believed Luke enjoyed it more, but it was a close tie.

The Cardiologist clinic reached me today. My appointment will be next wednesday. I am relieved. I have had three more episodes since my doctors appointment. I also found a disgusting familiarity with it all. I have been a sweating queen at work last few days. It is disgusting! I soaked my scrub top, and I really hadn't been very physical. Just passing meds and assessing patients. For which I feel terrible about, I am sure I stunk ALL day long. Arg!!

I am tired now. I was hoping to get some mowing done after we got home, because after all the fun we had I just knew Luke would want to pass out. Nope. not the case. So I am hanging out with little dude while he relaxes and watches a movie.

Friday, June 12, 2009

God's Hands

I have to have it reminded to me several times. I need to pray and release my worries to God. He is in control. This isn't a major deal, I just need to give it to God and let him handle it. He know what He is doing. I need to give Him more credit at that than I often do. I always pray for others, but find myslef lacking in the department of giving my self to Him. He knows the care that is needed for myself and my children, born or unborn. So, that is my plan. Pray and rest. Thank you God for taking care of all your Children.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Appointment and Anxiety.... not needed, I suppose?

Had another baby appointment today. I am measuring big for size, and I have a referral to the Cardiologist.

Seen Dr. W today. I waited about 30 minutes before I got to the room, and then I was in and out the door very quickly. With a few new orders and plans shoved at me as I chased him out the door. Well not quite, but he responded to my concerns and however, quickly he ordered things, he did do so.... Next appointment they are going to do another US. and it's finally going to be by my fave Dr., Dr. J. He usually is very thorough. So I plan on asking him to take a peek at my babies parts while we are there, if he will oblige me. I was nervous about Dr. W saying I was measuring big. We were discussing heart stuff and he threw this at me in the middle of it, and we were out the door to get a referral before I could really figure out what he was saying. I didn't even think to ask how much over I measured. So, although I remembered that it was not really a big ordeal to be measuring big, I am/was fretting. I looked it up on numerous pregnancy websites. Most likely I just have a big baby, or she is just positioned high this visit, or several other things that don't amount to too much. I really honestly believe that she is positioned high today. I was having trouble breathing this afternoon, and I suspect it was because she stretched higher into my ribs than usual. We'll see.

I am awaiting a call for my heart appointment. I am nervous about it. I am scared about any medication, even if I have been told and have read that most are safe this late in the pregnancy, I am scared of it hurting her heart, or other side effects it could have on her.... Or which sounds silly; they dismiss me, and tell me to get over it, and tell me I am pretending. All the tests have been negative... I want to know if there is something more I should be doing. I have found the triggering factors though. Heat, digestion, and stress. The first of these three is the most common trait I believe.. so far. I have ate and not had issues, and I have been in the heat and not had issues, but there are the times that I have had them. Unfortunately, the hardest part of my pregnancy I will be enduring more and more heat. I just hope that that doesn't result in more and more tachycardia issues.... The last few I've had, have been at home, and I just cool off, do some vagal maneuver and relaxation techniques, I can usually get it to go away in about 20-30 minutes. Dr. W. tells me that he thinks this is too long of a time frame. I will agree, I thought that before, but after my ER visit I thought maybe it isn't that big of a deal. But that day I felt 2 hours was a he** of a long time to be having it. If he is saying 20 minutes is too long, I feel better that I did go in now. I honestly felt VERY foolish going to the ER . Now I don't. I am nervous and scared about my visit today, I feel a little better now that I have gotten some of my feelings out there. Sorry if it kinda jumbled.

Baby's heart rate was 130-- isn't that kinda low???? Dr. W wasn't concerned I guess......

Well I need to get my little guy into bed. Have a great night!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting things in line

I have quite a few things to get taken care of. Knowing my normal procrastination mode that I set myself in , I better make a list, so I am more apt to follow, and get things done.

  1. Call food places in N.P.
  2. Figure out a invitation list for event A
  3. Figure out a invitation list for event B
  4. Laundry
  5. Wash bedding in both rooms
  6. Play the game"where's that smell coming from" in my car? (and clean it up!)
  7. Make a great supper.
  8. Dishes
  9. Snuggle both of my boys.

That's about it. Wondering about "event A and B," I am not sure if the person it involves reads this anymore and do not want to give it away. But you all will see and hear about it. Man I wish I could share. I am really excited about it. I am very nervous too. I just have a odd feeling that it will be a dud! If I get the plans together, maybe I'd feel better.

I had a terrible stomach early this morning. I was in the bathroom several times during the night. I feel better now, just trying to figure out the cause of my troubles being how It happened Saturday morning too.

I have determined that the heat plays a HUGE factor to my tachycardia. It was sweltering warm on the floor yesterday, and felt my heart start to race, I went a cooled off outside, and it went away pretty quickly. This makes me a little nervous being how I am going to be more so pregnant, in the HOT months of summer. So far it has been mild. I am nervous I will start to have these episodes more and more when the weather is warmer. Grumble...Grumble....

Well I suppose I have a long list of things to do. I would like to start on number 9 however. Lukey is so snuggly today! :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Silly Sadness

I feel like a big loser today. I am just bumming at home, Ryan's golfing with friends. I am happy that he is enjoying that, I would never take that away from him. I am just lonely right now. I want some heart to heart conversations with my friends. Most of my former friends are a long ways away. I don't hang out with anyone from work, outside of work, and I have one friend here in town I seldom hang out with. I do enjoy hanging out with her. She has 3 1/2 kids and my 1 1/2 kids--it's never deep convo. So what do I do. Pour my heart out to random people over the Internet. Nice compromise huh? I know that I do have great friends and family that read this, its just I am a little sad today. I was so hoping for a good day today. I woke up feeling horrible, thankfully I am better. I did go to some garage sales.... Actually, I got an armful of baby girl clothes for 8 bucks, so that was good. Also got some adorable little shoes for Addalei. I just am sad. missing old friends, missing the close visits that hubbies sometimes don't have patience for.
Oh poor pitiful me.... arg!

I suppose I will put my moping to good use and make some sourdough bread-- being how I am in a sour mood.

Thanks for listening.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Update and a little extra

Theses are pics we took of Luke last night; the Schwan's man always gives Luke a page of stickers and it's quite obvious what he proceeds to do with them. He is always precisely putting them on and then taking them back off and placing nicely on the paper they came from. Such a neat little guy I have!! ha ha.
We went the North Platte yesterday to see my sisters and nephew. We did some crafts and the boys got paint on them and their projects. I should have snapped a pic of Luke's puppy he painted. He was very detailed with everything.
I suppose its that time of the week again I better update you all on little Addi!
How far along: 30 weeks today! I am officially 3/4 the way done! Woohoo!

Mommy's weight gain: 17 pounds as of yesterday. Trying to be good. Once again, am loving fruit right now so it make it much easier.

Baby's size: The still say 3 pounds however, she is 15.5 inches long now. The reason for that is that they say the energy is being used to form the brain better right now. I have been feeling so much more movement this last week, its awesome!

Cravings: Fruit and red meat. Steaks and hamburgers sound so good!

Labor signs: Well I won't go into detail, but something feels different down under and when I go see the doc next week I am going to discuss it. I have been feeling pretty good for the most part. A little dizzy today, but over all no recurrent BH or anything.

Maternity clothes: Wearing sleepy clothes most of the time and Ryan's T-shirts. I need to get out and buy a few more nursing bras, but I will have to wait until i know if that road will be a traveled one or not...

Sleep: My arms are starting to fall asleep at night. Its aggravating. However, the bathroom frequency has lightened a smidgen.

Milestone: I guess feeling the baby move so much. Other people are starting to be able to see the movements now too. Which is fun.

Luke and I are on the heavy bathroom patrol. He has gone twice really well. I hope he keeps it up. He had a meltdown once though. I hate those, it makes me feel like I am pushing him to do this before he is ready. Well I really need to get some things done around here. Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nothing new or great

I have decided that I really really really love the name Addalei Sage. Unique. Weird (maybe). I knew a girl in school named Sage. She was so smart. I was always semi-jealous of her intelligence. She left the school early to go to a higher academic school. Not really sure where or for what. She was smart though.

I thought the two names went well together, and I keep saying it out loud. I think I am totally loving it. I get weird looks from the people at work though, well some of them. Not everyone. Oh well, if I named her Emily Lorraine I probably wouldn't get any weird looks, because its plain, used, old fashioned. That is why that name is still an option too. I just need to keep repeating the name to Ryan, because he is not convinced yet. I'll get it! ha ha. Probably not. He will make up another name and I will be swept away by it. Like I have been all the other times he has given me names.

Addalei Sage Tullis
Emily Lorraine Tullis
Sunday at work Addi was kicking up a storm!!! Man she was going wild in there!! Non-stop action. I loved it! It warms my heart so much feeling her kick.

Monday was a crazy day. We have had low census for almost 2 weeks and it picked up with a vengeance yesterday. Six admits, and a few issues on the floor. It was a mess from 3pm on. Glad I have a few days off!

Today, I have been doing random cleaning; laundry, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom. And enjoying some time with Luke. I didn't want to put him down for a nap because I was having such a great time with him today. My sweet little guy!

Side note: see the widget asking you to vote for my nephew, please do!!! He wrote a cute essay about his step dad and and entered it into the newspaper. Chad is trying to adopt him. Its a cute essay, and I hope they win, it would be so fun for their family!!! Thanks.