Monday, August 17, 2009

Quick Update!

All is well here!! Adalei is off the arterial lines and has her JP drain out and the leads that were attached to her heart are gone. Now all she has to lose is a peripheral line, oxygen and her lead monitoring her heart, oxygen, BP. We are graduating today to the 9th floor which is cardiac progressive care unit. Yay! Big girl! We have heard rumors of her possibly being dismissed Wednesday, however that is still in air, nothing settled. I don't know if I like that too much. I really don't want her to go before EVERYTHING is okay. It was also mentioned that if were were dismissed we would stay at the Ronald McDonald House with her for a week, just as a precaution. That way we are close by, just in case.

She does have a right upper collapsed lung. Healing well on its own though. Doing CPT and breathing treatments.
She is getting captopril to keep her blood pressures down, and lasix to help her excrete excess fluid out of her body. They are also giving her tylenol around the clock for pain control, because "ouch" she had her chest cracked open and is tolerating it better than most adults would tolerate a sliver in our hand! AMAZING! God is healing and comforting her I am sure about that!

I have heard many times over the amount of people that have been praying for our little angel. I just want to give you all a huge hug and thank you for spending time with Christ on our behalf!! Truly humbling and eye opening for me!!!

I never thought I would get over Ryan's cancer. Phew! It was hard. And almost as a reward for making it through that he blessed us with a pregnancy 4 short months after chemo, which was not "supposed" to happen for at least 2-4 years!
And then this miracle child came into our world and although her first 4 days of life were tough, she is showing the awesome gifts God give us. She is a true angel and blessing to her Mommy and Daddy!!!
Well, I could go on and on, but I am missing my little girl, and am heading out to go see her!
God Bless you all!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

God's Miracles

Adalei is doing so well!! She is off her breathing tube. and is doing spectacular. The doctors are all awestruck at the progress she is making!!! She is my Rock-star. So many hearts were reaching out to God to place His hands on her, and that He did. My angel is doing so well.
Last night we got to give her a little bird bath, and feed her an ounce of breastmilk, and held her, and moved her into a "big girl bed." We were able to remove 4 out of the 12 tubes in her body yesterday, with the hopes of 3 more to come out today!!! The nurses and doctors are so impressed with how Strong she is. And so are Mommy and Daddy. It is hard to believe that less than 36 hours ago her heart wasn't beating. They had it stopped. Now its pumping great. Her color looks awesome! She is starting to be able to cry (still hoarse but its audible now), I am so relieved and overjoyed at my baby's accomplishments.

I can't help but think how special she is to me and how I want EVERYTHING to be perfect for her now. I was just planning on leaving her little room yellow, but now I am going all out and going to paint it purple and make it totally special for her. Ryan has agreed to it!

Oh Ryan. I love the way he is with his baby girl. Adalei is a Daddy's girl that is for sure. He can soothe her right down. He washed her hair last night and she was so fussy, but Ryan found a spot on the top of her head and was cleaning it and Addie just calmed instantly, and even looked like she was smiling!
Speaking of which, she has the CUTEST dimples!!!! One right next to her mouth on the right side and on her cheek on the left!! I love them!!!!!

Praise GOD!

I will update again soon hopefully!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My baby girl

I was right. Adalei Rose Tullis arrived Monday at 927 pm. Weighing in at a whopping 9.1! 22 inches long and beautiful head of dirty blond/brown hair. Much like her Mommy had when she was born.

I write this post as a vent though. A cry out of mercy. You see my Sweet sweet Adalei has Transposition of the Great Arteries. She is to have open heart surgery today hopefully at 11-12 this am.

I am scared.
I am mad.
I am grateful-- that this is the heart condition. It's an "easy" fix. If you want to call open heart surgery on my 2 1/2 day old baby easy.
I am supposed to home making an awesome supper for my hubby and I to share on our 4th anniversary. NOT praying and hoping for the best as my Adalei fights. Tonight is going to be a Bad night for her they say. Lots of ups and downs. I am not sure I can handle the downs right now. I am going to have to.

I was supposed to cuddling her at home. Not staring at her from her isolette. She was supposed to breastfeeding, she was not supposed to have a intubation tube down her mouth.
She was supposed to be staring up at me with her pretty dark blue eyes, she was not supposed to have swollen, black and blue eyes, and unable to open them.

I am supposed to be breastfeeding her, not the electrical pump in the Lactation room.

This sounds a lot like me me me, I I I. And to tell you the truth right now, I don't care. It is, how it is! I know God is present. I am very confused right now. I am questioning so many things, but I am grateful for what He is providing for my family. The medical staff at both facilities have been wonderful. I have lots of things that I AM grateful for, but I just feel so overwhelmed. It's not how thing were supposed to go. At least not in my plan.


It's His plan, and although I don't understand it, nor right now do I like it. He is in control.

Lord please help my baby!!!!

Would you all please pray for her too!!!!!

I will try to update soon.

Monday, August 10, 2009

3 days

Three more due until my official due date, my appointment and my anniversary. It sounds like I have my priorities a little mixed up huh? I know. I can't think of anything else except getting Adalei here. I need to slow my roll. I do feel different today. More crampy in my lower pelvis, TMI but I did lose my MP yesterday. So maybe my baby finally decided to settle down and stay there! I have had 3 contractions in a hour. But its mild and doesn't bother me. I am going to go bounce on my "birthing ball" and see if that helps any. I keep reading all these different forums on Babycenter, about ladies and their birth stories. It's getting me all excited. However, I think it is not helping in other ways, because at the end of the day Addie is still in there. I just get more and more anxious. Today is the day I predicted her to show up. But I think I chose early this AM for my time so she has passed that hours ago. All those people that thought I was going to burst before August were way off now..... :)
I have 2 more days of work. Not looking forward to it. I just hope Addie and I can get this done today! They closed our unit Saturday. I don't know if its been opened back up yet or not. I really don't like to work on another floor, just because I have no clue where things are. In addition to the fact that if they float me I am most likely not going to be in charge. Which normally would be okay, but if you have to care for patients that are not independent (which really, most never are) that makes for a lot of pulling and lifting on a prego body. When you work on your own floor, teamwork is a little more established. Other floors, not so much, its kind of an independent game plan... Which scares me. Saturday a lady was attempting to fall while I helped her back to bed. Luckily we were close enough to her bed I was able to aim her to the bed as she lowered herself. We made it. Phew!

Make that 4 contractions in one hour..... Maybe today? *crosses fingers*

It's all in Gods hands, right? He is so good. I pray that my patience keeps it up while the clock keeps ticking by. She will come soon.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

L & D visit


Last night I had contractions 2-3 minutes apart for about 2 1/2 hours. I called the Dr. He said living so far away, maybe I should get checked. So I did-- same story 1-2 cm, 50% effaced and she is STILL way up there. AH! I am so disappointed. We were there for 6 hours and nothing, she didn't come down or dilate more or anything! I just am drained. I was up all night with these darn contractions, got them where I thought something must be happening, and nothing! NOTHING. I am 39 weeks today. I am tired. I am ready to meet my baby. I know that she was way too high to have an effective induction (or so they tell me). But I was 1 of 2 patients on their floor. Come on-- why couldn't I be induced. Did I really want that before though. No not really, and maybe once my groggy head wakes up I will realize that, but I was so d#&* ready for it though. I bawled when they sent me home. I just want to see her. I'm so stinking impatient! I am so emotional. My Contractions have slowed way down. 20-30 minutes apart now. I don't know if I should be fighting to keep them going, or relax and let them decide. Maybe I should go for a long walk, or maybe I should take a bumpy car ride, or DTD (which started this by the way). Sorry I'm probably way too personal this post, but I feel horrible and needed a vent. I am not sure how to decide when is it time now. I was sure that I was definitely doing something last night, and nada. I guess I will wait until they are harder contractions.... even if they are 1-2 minutes apart. Sigh. I need to pray for strength, because I do not have it right now!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Final Countdown!

I opened my blog page this morning, and seen the little widget stating we were due in 9 days and my jaw dropped. All day yesterday I kept saying 10 days so you would think I would of had it figured out. It was definitely a shock. 9 days. It just looks more officially in writing! I am excited and nervous too. But I am anxious and want it to be less. I am rooting for now or at least by Friday. However, all my BH have sort of slowed down. I think I had been super stressed by the party, and wasn't drinking enough fluids lately. I feel great. In the aspect of how I feel, I could stay pregnant for a while! That must mean it's a ways away before I deliver right? Well, mentally I am super excited and want to have this happen. I do have something I want to discuss with the doctor, however its was an issue with my 1st pregnancy, and it nothing came of it. So I have been pushing it aside, but now I want to ask a few questions. If I get any news out of it I will share, otherwise, its probably TMI.

My house is in desperate need of attention today, so I plan on tackling that. I would also love to go get my baby niece's 1st birthday gift today. They are wanting to reschedule my OB appointment so I might possibly be going today or tomorrow? Not that anything big will come of it though.. "Yep. Baby's in there. See ya next week!" So if my appointment is today then the house cleaning will have to wait! Or at least some of it. :)

Well I suppose I should try to get something done around here, before a North Platte trip is in my schedule.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well Ryan didn't know why he was having a party honoring him. He was suprised a little. We had a great turn out. A little over 50 people is what I was told. It was so much fun. I loved visiting with everyone, seeing all the little kiddos playing and having a blast. The food turned out really great too. I just loved it. It was better than I had planned. I did expect it to be a late night event, but everyone helped me clean up and we were out of there before 1030. I was suprised! It was such a blessing to see so many people there and to have a chance to thank each of them. It was wonderful. Holly snapped some pictures, If I get ahold of any I will try to post them on here!

Well, many people teased me about popping before the night was up. You know what, I haven't felt this good in about 2 weeks. I am a little puffy, but I have not had hardly any contractions and barely any back pain today. My Grandma and my Mom had me planned for today. Unless its the calm before the storm, I don't think today is the day. I was hoping I would just have her before Monday that way I would be done with work, but I suppose my chances of that are slimming down.. (Maybe I'll take that drive through the corn field..... Nah, the corn is tall right now I couldn't drive over it! Tubing would be bumpy enough..... Hmmmm? :) I'll just wait it out!) Oh yeah, at my appointment they told me I was only 1-2cm dialated-- same lady checked too, so I am sure that she was trying to be hopeful for me and say "to 2cm".... Hahaha. I am still long she says also, so Adalei is still not engaged. I was really disappointed that day, but I am okay with it today. I think thats because the pain isn't there like it has been. I was getting so restless/anxious with the prospect that maybe we were getting close only to find I would stop and it was all just false labor.

I have had a few dreams about the labor. All went well, water broke and everything went nice and quick. I haven't been sleeping well, I keep on hoping that I will wake up to find that my water broke. So I been waking up to check and see, if there was any development. Dry. Sleep. Awake. Get up and pee. Sleep. Awake. Check. Dry. Sleep. And so on and so forth.

It will happen when God and Adalei decide its time, there is nothing that I can do to change that. Plus, I still have 12 days until she is due. Why am I getting in such a hurry!? Because I want to smell my baby girl, caress her sweet cheeks, pat her bottom, have her hold my finger. Sigh.....