Thursday, April 23, 2009

Save it for another day.

Baby was in the wrong position. We were unable to see anything, and once again no pictures. I am bummed that he didn't take any for us. But, I suppose I should just be happy he agreed to do another ultrasound. He also told me that we might sneak in at my next appointment for another peek. Good. I wonder if I ask him about it if he would take a 4-D pic like he told me at my 20 week appt???
I mentioned the contractions, and of course, he said the tried and true response, "rest and drink lots of fluids, if it doesn't go away in 1 hour than call." I already knew that. He was nice and explained other possible pre-term labor symptoms and assured me me that if necessary, he would write a Dr. note for me to rest more at work when/if needed. I am happy to here that. So I suppose I have a new favorite OB Dr. However, Dr. J will remain awesome in my book. I just have to squeeze in the other 3 doctors now, because I am supposed to see all in the group in case one of them delivers me, they would have all interacted with the care of my pregnancy. However, with Dr. T "bribing" me with all these ultrasounds, I keep on setting up apportionment's with him. I can honestly say though, I am almost at peace with not knowing. It makes me even more excited for the delivery... many many weeks from now! At least we are at the milestone date, Woo Hoo!

Luke is growing good. Tall for his age, and growing just right. Made the doctor (and all of us)laugh, so that was fun to see. Dr said that she would babysit him anytime if we needed one! Hee hee. My big boy also got 3 shots today. Tolerating them well also.

Ryan will need surgery. He has 2 torn ligaments in his ankle, and a badly bruised bone. The PA there said that Ryan can wait to have surgery. So he is on physical therapy and has a brace in the meantime. Ryan will plan to have surgery when work slows down. In November (after deer season of course).

Loved my new eye doc. Very nice and thorough. New contacts in 2 weeks! Speaking of which, my eyes are very tired and I think I will take out my contacts and get some sleep!

Night all.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am getting so excited for the big US tomorrow! I had a dream last night that is was a little girl. That would be so great. Either way. I just hope I make it out of there with "better" pics than last time. Last time was not very exciting. Baby has been kicking me way low. Ouch. I don't remember Luke doing that. The contractions have only happened minimally after my 2 LONG days at work. In which I kinda forgot to drink anything except during my lunch break. They were not very good days. I am glad I am off until Saturday. Well, I plan to post you all with more news tomorrow. I hope you are enjoying these nice days we are having!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday daze

We went to Kearney for a day trip that turned into a overnight trip. I knew I should have packed a overnight bag!! We bought Luke a mattress for a toddler bed we haven't purchased yet. Got all three of us swimming outfits so we could go swimming at the pool at the hotel. I am glad to have a better fitting swimsuit, but I am not so pleased at how I looked in it. Mind you, that most of me was before baby. Actually, I am growing ever so affectionately for my baby bump. It looks right now! Yippey! I will have to snap a few pics, now that I am feeling better about it. But, not with the swimsuit.... something with much more coverage! :)

I have been having a few contractions lately. They are mildly painful, they make my tummy really hard and achy from the top of the uterus to the lowest part possible; mostly painful in the the lower part, but they go away after a few minutes and are infrequent. Friday, at work, they were a little more consistent. I had a back ache to go along with it. I had been doing quite a bit of walking, and after I relaxed for longer than an hour, then went away completely. I will be sure to mention it to the Dr's this Thursday, just in case.

Sigh.... Thursday, what a busy, hopefully good, milestoned day it will be! 24 weeks on Thursday. We have made it to the clearing point. Not out of danger zone, but the baby is viable. and that means a lot to me. They will fight harder to keep my baby alive, if something were to happen. God I pray that nothing does happen. Thursday is when we have our next US!!! Show us what you got baby! Luke has his 2 year check up. Ryan is following up on his MRI of his ankle, to find out if he has ligament damage or what is causing him pain to his right ankle. And what is needed to fix it. Surgery or just PT. I am praying for the best outcome. I also have an eye appointment. Every person in the family will be checked-up on!!

Oh man, the hormones are hitting me hard lately. Mood swings and hot flashes like crazy! I am sweating while everyone else in bundled up!!! I also have been having this weird taste of pocket lint in my mouth lately, I believe it is just a weird variation of heartburn. (How do I know what pocket lint tastes like, you ask? As a kid didn't you ever place a candy in your pocket for later, and once you popped the candy in your mouth you tasted the lint from your pocket also....? No..... Well okay, I am just really weird then.)

Well that's enough musing for one day. Later everyone!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I met the challenge.

Not that I thought it was going to be easy, but man is it tricky doing potty training! Luke is doing really well I think.
The first urination with the underwear on was a good indication to me that things were going to progress nicely today. He ran desperately hollering potty potty potty, trying to get to the bathroom, peeing most of the way there. He was pretty distraught over the situation at first. He didn't do anything in toilet said "ya aww dun" (you all done?) and was ready for his next pair of underwear Then he showed me where the mess was and help cleaned it up .
He helped mommy clean all the messes he made throughout the day, and would come and tell mommy when he had gone, started to go, or maybe needed to go. Most of our numerous trips to the potty were no goers, but 4, yes, count them 4, were actually positive pee-pee in the potty trips. He cried some times that we stopped activities or his veggie tales movie for the potty breaks, but the last time he went, he got business done and actually watched himself do such, and was happy!! Every time he went pee pee he got a sticker and candy! Totally great! He loved it. I could tell that he was getting the idea. No poo-poos yet. I imagine he will complete that now that he is back in his diaper for his nap. Hopefully he will try that sometime diaper less soon too.

I have to reward myself to, because it is rather stressful, trying to explain to your little one where they need to go and that they need to get there first. I tried not to be frustrated, especially when Luke was crying while on the potty. I thought maybe he is not ready for this, but then he went, and I was so proud and knew that I just needed to keep it up. So I felt much better after that. He had continuously dribbled up to that point (except the first potty accident, which was a puddle). So I had a lot of carpet to clean and thought this was a terrible idea. But you know I gotta keep focused, because ]
1) he needs to be potty trained
2) I don't want 2 little ones in diapers if I can help it!
3) the Lord held my hand as I coached and taught my son today. That much is for sure! So I treasure the closeness I received while Potty training.

I would love to continue with the potty training after Luke wakes from his nap but he is going to hang out with his Grandpa. I hate to put that pressure on Pa-Pa on Luke's first day at it. So diapers it is until Daddy comes and brings him home.
I am going to a Taste of Home cooking show. I am stoked! They give away great prizes and I learn lots of cool recipes, and am so eager to try them out afterwards!!!

Tomorrow Luke and I will try again and see how we do.


Big Boy, Big Day

Okay, here we go.... We are going to attempt the big boy underwear and strictly trying to do potty training. I have been reading up on it, and asking friends tons of questions. I really just need to dedicate my time and focus on this today. What I am going to try to do is similar to what I read off of another blog. She had all of her children potty trained fairly easily. I know that Luke being at a babysitter will make this more difficult. But I am off for two days and thought maybe I can get the potty training idea sparked into his head If I stay focused on it. I am going to be watching that little boy like a hawk.

You can read MckMama's post about potty training to see where I am get my plan figured out. Big boy underwear and lots of fluids. With q 15 min. potty visits, and a huge potty dance/reward for going potty. That's my plan. We will see if it works. I really don't want 2 kids in diapers at the same time. Luke Shows some interest at times. So we will see if it follows through. I have been sitting him on the potty before bath time adn a few times throughout the day, no luck really yet so I pulling for this one. I hope he has an interest today, because otherwise it is pointless to try. But I have to make an effort on my part. and honestly I really haven't been very focused on it. But ite getting down to the wire. I also have tons to Easter candy that I get to use and reward candy..... so it works! I tried the big boy underwear on luke last night for about 15 minutes. He loved them, didn't do anything that whole time. However, he didn't go potty when we tried either. Oh, he looked so adorable too! I will have to take a picture of my big boy in his underwear!!! Wish me luck!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Fun

Luke and I are going out to Mi-Mi and Pa-pa's house and we are going to dye some eggs and make a pinata for our Easter celebration. Bryce and Bella are staying with them this weekend, so we will get to hang out with them too. It will be fun! I look forward to today's festivities.

The camera is not in the house right now or I would load up the 1st sledding adventure for you. We had a blast. I took pictures, until the last go around were Luke, Daddy and I attempted to sled down together... We didn't even make it 10 feet, my rear slid off the sled and I was laying there holding Luke in the snow. It was funny. We got cold pretty quickly but it was a blast! I will try to post pics later if I remember....

Baby has been SO much more active! I am thrilled!!!! I love all the little jumps and pops I feel. I love love love it!!! 2 weeks until the next US!! Little baby obey Mommy and show us your stuff!

Have a great day!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day off. Day of fun.

Tidying up the house as I go today. Try to keep everything orderly, since I work again for two more days. I hate the one day off scam. Just give me my days straight up and then I can relax longer. Oh well. I have from a 4 day weekend coming up.

So far I have gotten laundry done, cleaned out the dishwasher, fed the fam breakfast. Tidied up the bedroom and bathroom. Next is bath for Luke and play-doh time. First play-doh time ever so we will see how this goes. I am not sure where my camera is. I might have to snap some pic with my phone cam. Which are not very good quality. This afternoon we are going to take Luke out and do some sledding if the weather permits doing so. Its rather windy here this morning so I don't want my buddy to get too cold.

I am going to make some Spilt Pea Soup for supper I think. Ryan made Finnish Coffee Bread yesterday so that will be a nice extra with our meal.

The baby is moving so much more now. I could actually feel him/her on the outside! I was pretty excited. I tried to get Ryan to feel the same, but all he could feel was his own pulse in his hand.... The baby even kicked pretty good after Daddy was talking to him/her! Drat! maybe next time!
Anyways I had better get little guy cleaned up.

Stay Warm!