Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fruits of my Motivation

Little Seedlings!

Cosmos and Lavender

So Amazing!

My finished De-Cluttering project.
I had taken a before picture (3 months or more ago...) and now I can't find it!
I have the school stuff all in appropriate totes, and files for each days "school work" and accompanying theme related books set up too.

Luke is so super excited about school and the garden. I am "Mrs. Mommy" and today was our first day with our lesson. It lasted a whopping 35 minutes. But the kids enjoyed it. I hope they learn something too! We are learning about Cows this week. I am hoping this week I can ask Holly and Ed if the kids can see one of their new calves (if the mama agrees).

In other news, I am down 39 pounds. I have been fighting the scale all week to get to 40. I WILL get there! We dropped to 3rd on the pound plunge. Ryan made up a table of our and the top 6 teams progress and average percentage weight loss and our goals we need to try to meet to get to 1st. It is going to be TOUGH! Speaking of which, I better get off of the computer and get to exercising.

Hope you enjoyed our little flower pictures as much as Luke and I do enjoy seeing them grow daily! Soon we will be in the garden!

Happy Spring!


Monday, March 19, 2012


I am so full of motivation for several things it amazes me. The Spring fever bug bit me good!

We are planning a garden this spring. We have the area tilled slightly. Thanks to Holly and Ed for the use of the tiller and Ryan for operating that scary beast for me!! Whoa Mama that thing is precarious looking. My little Luke got me started on the gardening business this year. With fun requests to grow pickles and bouncy ball trees. Pickles I can definitely do (well try at least.) The Bouncy Ball Tree sounds amazing, but don't think I could pull it off! :) We decided to grow peas, tomatoes, cucumbers (pickles), beans carrots and onions. Luke wasn't to excited about onions but we use them in EVERYTHING! I Love onions. So that is out plan. With the gorgeous weather we have been having I felt excited about getting going on the garden and Luke was too. So

I bought a seed starting tray and we planted some flowers to plant in the flower beds in the front of the house, given that I am not sure how well it will go there until the gutters get installed. We might find another home for our starter flowers if the gutters are not in when they are ready to be transplanted. Luke was super excited about sunflowers when we looked at seeds the other day. So I picked some of those up too, along with lavender and cosmos for the seed starters.

I am really hoping to give them a learning experience with this too. So we all planted the starters and I really hope they turn out because that was a little chaotic. Adalei poked and over seeded most of hers and my little gardener Luke was meticulous on his. Such a proud mama! I really wanted to label them also, but the chaos overran, and I'm mot sure whats where. I am going to try to photograph our seed growths to for Luke and Adalei to learn more. and make a diagram, and a "what a plant needs booklet" I saw on Pinterest.

I have been interested in home supplement schooling both of them. I don't know if I could home school my kids, but I am willing to at least start a scheduled time of day to work with both kids on developing their little minds. Trying to get lots of ideas on how to do this and how much I dig into it. I envision 2 little desks and shelves of school supplies and a little calendar and weather board. But, my home isn't prepared to have such a room right now. Maybe when Adalei's room is done upstairs? Or the guest room we could use too! Uww the gears a rolling.

I have been also very ambitiously cleaning my house. I am a FlyBaby! Check out Last week I had off and I CLEANED! House looks great and now I am concentration my efforts on certain areas in the house like the web page guides you to do. I love it! Baby steps are great for the messiest areas!

I am also very motivation to continue to lose weight. I am down 37 pounds since January! I keep finding delicious healthy meals to make. My hubby is enjoying them and we are both dropping the pounds. I will say though, I would love to eat sweets everyday, but I feel so much better, and from this post you can tell I feel very ambitious and energized. Ryan has lost over 50, and is looking HOT! (If I do say so myself!) :) We are still doing the Pound Plunge and currently 2ND place!!!!!! Woo HOO! 2 more weeks until the final weigh in. We are excited and exercising fools right now getting as much as we can done to prepare for it! I am actually thinking of trying to do a 5K run as a long term goal with my weight loss. They have lots of neat apps on the smart phones and there are several Couch to 5 K apps to help you prepare. Finished day 2 today. The runs are 3 x per week. Really enjoyed running today! I found out from my very first run this year that I have exercise induced asthma, and talked to a Dr about it. So I started using an inhaler just prior to running and today I could SO tell a difference! I didn't think I was dying after wards (or even 5 hours afterwards, like I had the first run).

Speaking of ailments, my sinus infection is nearing its death. The chest cold is finally lifting. I also had nerve numbness/pain with a headache too and the nerves are still not great, but the headaches are better. I do have some left arm weakness though. So if after my steroid regimen is done with this week, and if I still have that crazy numb/nerve stuff I am going to talk with the Dr. again. The idea that maybe an MRI is needed was thrown out there, so if you could say quick prayer that this silly nerve stuff would resolve on its own that would be greatly appreciated.

Okay well now that your eyes are bleeding, I will let you get back to your regularly scheduled lives! Thanks for taking time to read my blog.

God Bless

Friday, March 2, 2012

Numby. Achy. Whiny. ME.

So I have something up with my sinuses or something. I have headache (more like an eye ache) and numbness from my forehead to my crown of my head. I ache, and whine and pop pills and it doesn't seem to be getting better. I really don't want to spend a thousand bucks to be told I has sinus infection, but this numbness thing is freaking me out. I am not sure how long to see if the meds work, or not. I don't want to be a nuisance at the Dr. office. But I DO want to feel better. I don't have any sinus drainage, cough, sniffle, temp, nada. Both my kids had/have colds and some co-workers do to. So it seems logical that it could be that. I have never had a migraine in the past and we tried, but the migraine meds didn't touch it.

Fitness wise, I am kinda trying to be healthy. But honestly I really just wast to eat what sounds good and forget the rest. Rest, yes sleep sounds great. Ack... I sure hope I am over this soon, I really am looking forward to working out outside sometime soon. We are currently 5ht place on the Pound Plunge. We were 3rd, and are under another team by a hundredth of a point. If i get to feeling better soon, I will put my workout into full gear. I am just at a standstill. Help!

We are having the siding installed. Its looking great. Can't wait until its all done! Then on to the next project! Adalei's new room.

Hope you are having a great day!