Saturday, June 21, 2008

Patch Adams Parade Day

North Platte has the yearly event of NebraskaLAND Days. And each year they have a HUGE parade. Huge is an understatement-- except in sense of Huge balloons/blimp things. The pararde lasts about 2-3 hours. It is so much fun. Well , I had to work today so I wasn't going to be able to be there for the parade. And well... Either were the patients. So I decided to have a parade. It took a little coaxing from the other girls, but they all gots the wheels turning and came up with WONDERFUL costumes. I helped make a few, but they did an awesome job. WE had fun having the parade. We gave sugar freee candy to the diabetics and tooties rolls to regular diet patients, and stickers to the patients that were NPO. The patients were all smiles afterwards, we received several hugs from patients family that were pleased to know their family members were able to have a good time even though they didn't get to "actually" be at the parade.

Even cooler in 2 different cases of the "Patch Adams" therapy, helped 2 patients to be stronger and more motivated to ambulate. Total suprise to us that we would get that response after our ontourage tramped through the halls.

I think Patch Adams has a good theory with this fun issue.

The even cooler thing. This morning going to work I prayed to God for this day to be FUN, and for us all to have good attitudes and the whole floor to have a great day. God answered that prayer with a laugh and a smile!!!!!!

Here is the line up of the parade participants:
Amy was the head of the parade as the Band leader with her baton made from a cane and a star wand as you see above and her hat.. oh the hat! It a (clean) specimen collector, with a spinwheel attached to the top, and her lovely band jacket is our hospital robes with a gait belt as a attractive accessory.
Lisa was the sole band member for Amy to lead. She played her xylophone very well! Mary had a Little Lamb was the tune for the parade to march to! Lisa has a shower cap with cotton balls attached, a matching robe to go with the band leader and the flair of her garland boa to complete the costume.

Jeana-- the Clown. I love her nose (cotton ball painted red). Jeana's muses for this preformance were Groucho Marks and Patch Adams. With a surgical cap for her hat, spectacular sunglasses, and a gown for her "lab coat."
Glenda in prep mode.
Glenda the Good Witch is ready to go! She is captivating in her yellow isolation gown decorated with goregeous hearts and stars of various shade and a pretty pink crown that matches made of paper and tape, and her accessories are blue gloves, a wand, and a striking pair of sunglasses.

Mandy is the Shriners car driver. Glenda the good witch assisted with the transportation of the shriner-mobile (wagon), with the direction of Band leader Amy. Mandy is sporting a great graduated cylinder hat with a lovely paper tassel adhered to the front. Beep Beep!

ME!-- I am the NebraksaLAND Queen of Nursing. I am wearing a bath blanket, gloves and my Awesome crown was made of spandage and a Christmas ornament. I was esscorted around in my royal wheelchair being pushed by my Royal Court--Kendra (below).

Kendra--royal court. She has a face mask on her head and a gown for her cape .

Jill in the purple with the flower lais, proved the candy and passed the treats along the way, and also took all but this picture.

This was way too much fun!



Anonymous said...

rdfaYou are just way to cool!!!
Got to love you girl.
Aunt Patty

psalm13914 said...

Thanks Aunt Patty!!
Love you bunchs!!!