Saturday, September 13, 2008


Kind of a boring post this morning. Ryan is at a golf tournament, and Luke and I are just hanging out together. This evening we will be going to Ed an Holly's for the game. That will be nice!
I am going to try to make Mexican Fiesta Pizza. It is and Pampered Chef recipe. We are also going to have Beer Brats and Holly's wonderful Cheese Dip, the girls at work affectionately call it "Puke dip." Well, because frankly it not the most appealing thing to look at. This is the story behind the name, one of the gals made it for every Husker football game that she worked, and I guess one on the Doctors called it that... It sure tastes good, even with a horrible name. I don't refer to Holly's as that, but thats what the girls at work call it.

Well Luke has invaded the bedroom and is making a mess.


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