Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Its almost been a month?

Phew, this last month has seemed to go by quickly. In a sense. Addie shouldn't be 1 month old (tomorrow) already! But we have spent all but seven days of her life here in Denver. which has seemed to drag on and on. I am SO ready to not be in Colorado (nothing against CO, but its not home). Well, we went home for a short time, then Addie got an infection in her incision and had to return to TCH. They opened areas of her incision up and started her on some nasty antibiotics, but they are working well, and Friday she was dismissed and we are now living at the Ronald McDonald House. Which Luke has named "Rockin Donalds House". I am doing dressing changes daily, and today they plan on pulling her PICC line out. Yay! Luke, Adalei and I said goodbye to Daddy this morning as he is returning back to home to go to work. I am not thrilled by it, but thankfully Addie is done with the IV antibiotics, so I don't have the tubing and bag of fluids to keep and eye on as I move around and chase Luke down. I am hoping this transition will work well for us. For far so good. Luke is starting to get grumpy though, so I better finish this up and get him down for a nap.

Thanks again to everyone who has prayed for our family this last month, we greatly appreciate it!!
God Bless you and your family!

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