Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Seeing double!

These two are two different ages, Luke is about 7 months old and Adalei is only one month old, but their expressions are similar so I thought I'd compare.

They are both 6 weeks old in this photo. Luke definitely has Mommy's eyes (color and shape) and Adalei takes after her Daddy. Both have adorable noses and sweet cheeks, but being about 3 pounds heavier than I'm sure Luke was, Adalei is bound to have chubbier cheeks. She is 12 pounds already! Both are my little sweethearts and I love them to pieces. I had to share these. I will continue with my Adalei's Journey story later. Today we are going to see the Greats!

The Greats. Luke and Adalei's Great Grandma, Great Aunt, Great Granny, and maybe Great Great Grandma. It will be a GREAT day!

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