Monday, October 5, 2009


Sorry, I haven't updated lately. My visit to the greats was, well great! Didn't get to snap as many photos as I wanted. My little girl was a little fussy. I'm not sure why. I'm noticing at night she has needed an extra couple ounces or so before she will nod off. At times she has ate 8 ounces! She's not even 2 months!!! And has been having 2 hour awake stretches at night. That is getting to me. I'm trying to get so I make a lunch for Ryan and get up with him in the morning, but Adalei keeps me awake from 4-6 and I'm zonked and sleep hard until Ryan gives me my "goodbye" kiss before he leaves. I think it would be better if we tried to get to bed a little sooner too. These midnight bedtimes for us has got to stop! I wish there was more hours in the day so I can get everything done! WE will need to adjust bedtime ritual before I go back to work (in less than a month!!!) Ugh I'm giving myself heartburn just thinking about it! Okay on to other stuff than.

Luke has been starting to act better around Adalei. Not that anybody believes that he is naughty to me and his sister; he saves all of that just for me! (so sweet of him). Hopefully its done with for the most part, Soon enough she can defend herself.
Adalei's baby shower is this Sunday. At the Arnold Baptist Church.

Sorry so random and brief but I'm tired and the time here is 1132 pm. Ryan was able to get Miss Adalei to bed finally!!! I'm going too... my bed is calling me. Sigh.

Good night,

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