Monday, September 6, 2010

Pretty much me trying to stay awake

I don't have much to share. Adalei's birthday party was a blast, I'm not going to promise it but maybe I'll try to post some pics.

Loving work right now.

Reading a lot right now. Mostly christian historical fictions. Comfort reads. I joined into a Beth Moore Bible study over the book of Daniel. Just gone to the first meeting/study. And well as of right now I'm hooked! Its wonderful. I can't wait for the next meeting so I can delve in deeper into my knowledge.

Later today I am going to go to the park with the kids and try to take some amateur nice photos of my kids. We will see... (maybe I'll post some of those too.)

I have to get my rear in gear for the next meeting of the Rialto theater board. I have to get several coupon books ready for sale. I still have to design the concession ones. Hopefully that won't be too time consuming. I then need to start looking into plays that I want to use for the Christmas play I will be directing. This winter will be busy I believe.

I really want to focus on being more healthy and eating right. I am trying to stay more active with the kids this summer. Its working well, but I haven't lost weight like I thought. I need to get more focused. The clothes are starting to get tight again. I can't go up anymore. I already am at the point to where I once said someone please help me if I get that big. Vowing that I wouldn't let myself get to that point. Yep, so I finally admit it. I'm there. I'm hideous, and don't feel attractive anymore. I just need to duct tape my mouth shut. Argh. Okay no more of this talk. I wanted to remain positive.

Big dreams are growing. We are hoping to move to Oregon someday. It used to be when we retire, but now, we are thinking sooner than later. No definite plans, just dreams, and goals.

There that's better. *thinking of the ocean breeze hitting my face*

Have a great day!

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