Saturday, July 17, 2010


Well, Adalei will be 1 in less than a month! Totally astounds me. Where has this time gone? She is a mover. Crawls everywhere, walks along all the furniture, and will stand briefly on her own. If she's not walking by her birthday, it wont be long!!!! She has four top and four bottom teeth. And is a biter. That girl! She is all smiles most of the time, but when her bro makes her mad or she is tired and hungry... Watch out! She wears size 18mo. clothes, but now that she is moving more she seems to fit into 12 months a little better again. I have to get her in for a well baby check up and shots... been kinda delaying those, she has had some though. She is just my sweet Adalei.

Got to get lots of pictures taken. I always wanted to be the take your kids to the pros to get pictures done. Never have done that yet, so.... Maybe I need to threaten my Hubby again. Because you know "that's why we bought the nice camera...." I can't hold down a 1 year old and then get the camera already... she'd move by then. I see Pros that take there kids pics with such ease. But they probably have the camera glued on them. I just don't want to waste these times and not be able to look back, because I didn't have the pictures to look upon.

Adalei's Birthday-- no real theme. Just purple, and stars probably. Worked on her invite today, only to have half of it erased. Grumble. Extended family for the big 1 party. It will most likely be an evening party so Papa and Aunt Tricia can make it. I'm deciding on whether to have the week before or two weekend after. The weekend before is my sweet niece Bella 2nd birthday, and the following weekend is busy.... I want to do something cute for her cake..... Maybe I will look at star shaped cake pans and make a layered star cake. Maybe a smaller version too for her?

Luke is a ornery red headed little boy. Always looking for something. He had swimming lessons this week. Day One: Cried. Day Two: Scared but went in the big pool and kicked his legs. Day Three: Stood all by himself for 2 seconds in the shallow end of the big pool. Not that he loved it but he did it. The next two lessons are Mon. and Tues. of next week. I hope that he continues to progress. I'm thinking of seeing if the babysitter will watch Adalei for awhile next week so I can take Luke to the pool. We were swimming fools this week. My nephew was here and went swimming three days in a row with us. Luke loved it! I did too! I had forgotten how much I miss swimming. I think Luke learned just as much from our swimming fun as he did at his lessons. Bryce got him to blow bubbles, and hold his breath in the water (a little bit), and (in the baby pool) lower himself down in the water to his chin. All things he wouldn't do prior to Tuesday! Next year I may see if Ryan would go swimming and make it worthwhile to get a family pass. Otherwise I guess the kids are free still, I could get an individual pass. I feel healthier and more playful after this week. I think I really needed that! I would go swimming everyday if time allowed!

Well that should do it for now, more randomness later! :)

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