Monday, April 23, 2012

Sorry for the hiatus.  I have been going through a lot right now, and not a lot all at the same time.  I will do a quick little run down on the happenings of my family and such right now.

Luke is almost done with his first year of preschool.  And with a few long discussions and some late night hubby chats we decided to keep Luke in the pre-school for one more year.  He is a fresh 5 year old, and shows is newness quite a bit when lined up with other 5 going on 6 year olds.  We have thought it all out and think that this will give him more maturity and knowledge to prepare him for his big kindergarten year.  He did however go ahead and receive his 5 year old check up and shots.  And my Big boy didn't shed a tear! So proud!  He also had an eye exam, and it appears my little guy will most likely be sporting glasses this fall. We have to recheck him in September.  Tomorrow is Luke's field day.  I am excited to cheer him on and have lots of fun!

Adalei-- nothing really new with her. Getting more personality and spunk.  But along with that comes attitude.  I am not so excited about that.  Its a work in progress.

Work- Is going good.  I am hoping to work with some other gals on getting a new scheduling system set up today.  I hope I am not digging my own grave.  But I think it will be a good ide,. and maybe not make for so much resentment and bickering.

Ryan and I are so happy right now.  Things are going so well for both of us.  I really can't explain it to well, but its times like right now that I will remember forever.  He is definitely making me fall in love with him more and more each day!

My health, do you remember me talking about the weird never tingling in the scalp and forehead?  Well, its still around.  That being said I don't remember if I passed on the weakness in my left arm? I think I did. Anyways, the weakness is gone, but not the numby head thing.... So tomorrow I am scheduled for and MRI.  Scared that the results are what they are looking for, but ready to have an answer.  The Lord is here, and good ALL the time.  Just some days I need a little reminding of that.  I need to place my worries on the Lord, it's just a lot simpler said than done!

In other health news, I have not been behaving myself on the food side of my weight loss plan, but I have continued to exercise.  My newest love is running.  I NEVER would have thought I would say that, but its true!  I am signed up for Warrior Dash.  I supports St. Jude Hospital. and it's a 3.33 mile obstacle course race.  I have always thought these looked fun, but never thought I could even attempt it.  But I will be June 10th! Excited and nervous about it! I think I can do the running thing, its the climbing up walls and jumping over fire that I am not so positive about!

I am also doing a fundraising walk on May 5th.  It supports the Autism Association of Nebraska, but most importantly I am doing this walk in honor of my friend Sarah, sweet 2 year old little boy! He was diagnosed with Autism in December, and I thought this is the best way I could support/help them from so far away.  Go Team Action Jackson!  Thanks to those who have donated to the fundraiser, I really appreciate it.  If you are interested in donating here's the website you can check out: Team Action Jackson
Thanks for looking at the page if you do!
Have a good day!!!


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