Thursday, January 22, 2009

Seeing is Believing


You have to be very imaginative, but can't you just see where the little arm and legs are? I sure could! :) This was my 8 week appointment. Being my second, maybe they don't get very detailed, but I felt like the appointment left me feeling like it wasn't as magical as I expected it to be. I will say that when you see the little light flashing of the baby's heartbeat still made me tear up, but I just didn't get to see much, the NP didn't offer much information or "look here," or much of anything. I really do hope for better treatment from here on out. The NP was very nice, but not what I was expecting.

The weather is so beautiful! I really should be enjoying it more.

I spent most of the day hugging a toilet. Thank God not for that reason!! I was scrubbing Ryan's office toilet. Let me tell you pumice stones are WoNdErFul!!!! I will not go into further detail, but I was glad that job was done. I was sweetly pre-rewarded prior to my toilet date from Ryan and Luke the night before. I was working, just about done with my shift, and here comes my sweetie, and my little guy with a dozen beautiful pink roses, and some yummy granola bars for me and all my co-workers. What a guy!!! I love my Men!

Oh we got a new car.
Now we have a great family vehicle! Yah!

Healthy Family plan-- good/not great. We have been packing lunches and eating healthy until we are together and eat out. No no no! Exercise for Ryan is going Great. Me. I think I had better get outside and enjoy this nice weather. This plan consists of a non existing chart I need to get done, and placing stickers on the chart for every day we eat healthy and exercise. Every 10 stickers we award ourselves 20 dollars and put it in the massage/spa fund. Once we have what we need for a massage, we can schedule one! I LOVE hot stone therapy massage, but I probably will have to stick with the pregnancy massage or a manicure or something like that. Oh yeah each individual is awarded there own 20 dollars at the 10 day mark. just to clarify. If I ever get the chart done I will take a pic and post it!

Well I feel a little better now that I have had a chance to catch up. Off to make dinner and clean the house up! I love the fresh air coming in from my open windows! Awesome!

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Sarah Katherine said...

I was checking out your pretty page when I saw the 12 week baby floating around! You are almost to second tri already girl! It seems to me like the time is flying, but it's all subjective right? I could definitely see some arms in there ;) Happy things are going well!