Thursday, January 29, 2009


I wanted to post this last week, but now have other things to share.

Did you know that deer do not make very good dogs? They just don't listen very well. I found this out at my last Bible study. One of the sweet gals that was hosting this weeks study had an adopted pet deer. Well, I am unsure of how the whole thing came about, but they are still bottle feeding the dear thing. Luke loved petting the deer. The deer was so friendly and loving until.. duh duh dunnnn..... Our departure. The darn thing kept putting it's front hooves on my shoulders.. At first I was stunned, but I was trying to shield Luke from the deer and was trying to make it through the bitter snowy cold, the deer wouldn't stop. I just couldn't get far. The hostess and her dog came to Luke and my rescue. Phew. I am sure it was quite comical, I was just nervous walking down a set of stairs with a deer on my back and a child stumbling down in front of me.

On to other things. Sigh.... I Love Scrapblog. I know you all have heard quite enough of that, but that is where this darling header came from. I wish I knew how to make thinner ones.. In time I will. I love seeing my Babies. Aww. Babies. I love that. My big boy and my sweet little peanut.

Who I am amazed at the time frame. 12 weeks. (Sarah you are right) time is zooming. Maybe it helps though keeping it a secret for 2 months. I don't know. One thing I am happy to share. The M/S is fading away. Yippee! I am afraid to post that as it may jinx me. :) On the downside. I lack that, "oh yeah I am so pregnant" feeling without it. I also feel like I was sporting a baby bump a lot sooner last time. Well I, the whole shift of fat after Luke might be what is hiding a beautiful baby tummy. I am having trouble sleeping, and as Dr. J has told me before, my uterus is tilted backwards-- thus back pain. Check got that. Thankfully, I don't have that horrible tail bone pain like I did with Luke. I would have to say this pregnancy is probably a lot easier so far. I got a call today, I have to bump my appointment back to the 3rd at 1100 due to some Dr. scheduling thing. So we will see how Tuesday goes!!

Luke and I played in the snow today. I will post pictures of the fun later, hopefully. Luke really liked tromping through it, however, when his hands got to it. It was "mess" "mess", trying to wipe his snow covered gloves off. Very cute.

We are working on packing up the upstairs and moving it down to the basement, or rather I pack, Ryan moves. We are going to start on that project soon. We have to get a new room ready for the big brother!!

This weekend we are going to continue to pack/move and the family is going sledding and Sunday we are having a Super Bowl party. I think I have a lot of great picture ops coming we will see if I actually get the camera out.

Enjoy the snow!!!

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