Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well now that I am here I feel that I don't have as much juice to get a long blog going. I had all sorts of ideas and thoughts, now... not so much.

I work tomorrow. Work is changing. Change at work sometimes scares me. I am going to continue to pray its for the best, but I am nervous.

Morning sickness-- no throw up but the constant nausea, is tiresome. I had a few days of it during our vacation. Not fun. Overall the trip to Branson was fun. I got some cute clothes and serving dishes and a new white jacket to wear with maternity shirts, because I am not buying a bunch of maternity tops... sigh.

I feel all sorts of melancholy today. I feel really excited for this little one, and I don't feel that it is a shared excitement. I talked about it, we are both in agreement that we are blessed that we are. I just am not focused on the work to prepare. I guess. That's all it ever is. I think that is how most are. I just want the all smiles jumping up and down excitement, not the worried/happy excitement. I am not thinking practical I suppose.

Ryan and I are starting a HEALTHY Family plan. I am trying to make up some name tags for my graph I am making. I am excited, to do this, today i just don't care about a lot.

I must say that I know there has been all clear signs for months now, I am still nervous about Ryan's Dr. Appointment today. What if now that we have little one on the way there is a positive tumor marker. Ahh.. Quit borrowing trouble Cindy.

On a positive note my little peanut is about the size of a medium shrimp!! Grow Baby Grow!

We have been starting the mental list of possible baby names. We have pretty much decided that we would like to go with biblical names. Although Luke Daniels name wasn't planned that way, it ended up that it is all biblical names, and thought maybe that theme was a good road to go down. We will see. I am on the fence about it. There are a few names I like that are not biblical.

Well I guess I had better get some things done. Good day everyone!


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Sarah Katherine said...

I am intrigued by this healthy family plan and want details! Jesse and I are trying to be healthier too.

I understand melancholy feelings for sure. Why can't the entire pregnancy be like the first couple of weeks when you're constantly on cloud 9?

I am praying that Ryan's appointment goes well!

I like biblical names too :) So far we still don't have any decent boy ones, except Nathaniel. The girl name is SET though. Can you tell which one I'm sort of crossing my fingers for?

Oh, and what did you do in Branson that was fun? Because that was one place we were going to stop and visit for an entire day on our honeymoon, and after a couple of hours said peace out and spent an extra day in Kansas City. Maybe we gave up too soon?

Love ya!!