Wednesday, February 18, 2009

At Last

Well, I haven't been hiding under a rock or anything, but my sweet man had troubles with the mouse on our computer, so I have been without the computer for about 2 weeks now. I am so glad to be able to update!!!

So life. Sigh, not enough time to share all that I have been feeling lately. Maybe I shouldn't even delve into that whole conversation, It could take awhile.

Anyways, preggo symptoms are mellowed out. I am feeling this little one move, but no great punches or kicks, they are very few and far between when felt. We are scoping out different names. Coming up with some crazy/different ones, when we have them kinda narrowed down I will share. I am in Love with Adaleen, but today I thought of Jovie, or Novie (for a girl). I am not such what Ryan will say to the last two. Still in the beginning stages with the names so hopefully more on that topic later. However, I am not so in love with the pregnant body. I am really bummed right now. Tummy is sticking out due to baby, but it's the fat roll above my baby bump that is obvious and showing, NOT my baby. Argg...

The emotional roller coaster is in service this week. I am on board for never ending trips on it. I feel so compelled to want to be very selfish, and say "It's not fair. I am pregnant." That thought came too many times this week. Bawled many a day for stupid reasons. I just feel ugly, stupid, and like I can't do anything right. Alright, that's about all the more I will share on that topic. On Friday I went to Bible study, and decided giving those feelings to God to help me out. It really helped.
Work today, I think I forgot to pray before, because Phew... It was a crazy place. Left there around 845 tonight. To be back again at 0645. I hate days like that. Lots of prayers going up tonight and tomorrow morning before work starts. Yeah.

Luke Daniel is my little sponge of communication skills this week. He has said so many things I don't think I can remember them all. He is saying:

Luke (finally!)
Eye-- for crying, poor kid watched me do that one to many thims this week.

I know there are tons more but I am forgetting them. I so proud of my big boy!!!

Well, I will be better at posting, I promise! I hope to get a banner up that matches my new St. Patty's Day theme background. We will see how soon that all works out.


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