Friday, March 6, 2009

Thank God for Kids

I really could post a lot. I am lazy. So so lazy. I will try to get as much blogging in as I can before my little guy hollers at me.

So went to the doctor yesterday. Just a heartbeat check. 140bpm and a few kicks heard. Totally neat. The appointment lasted oh... 19 minutes, from the time I arrived to the time I got back to my car! Wow! Dr. T said that they prefer to do the 20 week US exactly at 20 weeks. I was so excited, I go back on the 26th!!!! 20 days from now, maybe I will find out this little ones gender!!!! Woohoo! I will definitely be counting down the days!

We are planning a trip to Lincoln or Omaha after that, and it just so happens that they have a Carters store in Gretna. They have TONS of cute cute cute baby clothes! If I find out this is a little girl, Ryan watch out, that cart is going to be full! If its a boy... I still plan on getting a few new outfits for my new addition, but we have an attic full of little boy clothes.

I am getting so excited!

My body. Man the clothes are pushing the limit. I have practically 1/2 the amount of pregnancy tops that actually fit anymore. I am s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g. It is not the greatest feeling. Definitely different than with Luke. I had it checked out last week so I could be sure the baby was OK. Yep! I am having round ligament pain. Well that's fantastic! But really, I am relieved that nothing is really wrong, I can so deal with this knowing that little one is okay in there. I am getting a lot bigger, a lot sooner. I have gained 5 pounds total so far. Also, the appetite has returned with a vengeance-- stay out of my way at the buffet line! "Prego gal coming through!!" Not really, I just have a constant urge to munch all the time! Must... stop.... now........

We went to an Oak Ridge Boys concert last night. It was a lot of fun! Man they are so good! Not to mention their ages either, like 60's?

Luke has had the flu, last two day he has been sick. Poor guy. I hope he feels better today. Speaking of which he is hollering for his Momma. So I better wrap this up.

We are all doing great here, getting excited for the little one, and just enjoying life. Hope you are too!!!

God Bless

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