Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby Tullis Debut

Please remember to mute the playlist on the right sidebar of my blog first. I know the song is talking about a little boy, but I have one of those, and well, there is a 50/50 chance this one is too. So there it is. Hee Hee. It is late and I really REALLY want to post TONS more. Arg. But it is insanely past my bed time, and well, If I don't stop now I will be up until 100. So I bid thee a fond farewell.

Wishing to tell you all more!


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Sarah Katherine said...

I love it! Did they give you a video? I am not getting a 3D ultrasound unless I go somewhere else and pay for it :( Sad! Also, I love the Kahlil Gibran quote on your new layout. His book The Prophet is amazing and I frequently find myself giving it as a gift to the people I care about!