Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby update

Well, being how I am trying to take it easy today, I have planted my rear here for a longer duration than normal. So I thought while reading my Weekly pregnancy update, I would update you all about how my pregnancy is going.

How far along? 29 weeks today! :) They say 9/10 chances baby would live outside of me now. Phew... Let's keep her baking a little longer though!

Mommy's weight gain: 16 pounds and holding. Thank God for the fresh fruit cravings!

Baby's size: They books say approx. 3 pounds. Addi is 15 inches long too. :)

Cravings: The fresh fruit is the main thing. I was wanting some corn dogs this afternoon, I settled for Chicken nuggets instead!

Labor Signs: Still having BH, infrequently. No big deal to me right now. No other signs.

Maternity clothes: never did get new pants while in Omaha. :( the shirts I have been wearing to work are wearing out on me. There is holes in the underarms now. Arg.. I might just have to go buy another scrub top or two to get me by for 2 more months.

Sleep: Hips are feeling better, just my shoulders and ears hurt laying on my side. In addition to already having bad snoring issues, now I have a cold. Poor Ryan.

Milestone: Well finding out that we have a little girl is probably the biggest milestone. However, I am a little skeptical and hope that I don't feel disappointed if she really is actually a he. That would be the biggest milestone.

The worst part of the week: My tachycardia yesterday. So far, I feel great today. Lets pray it remains that way!!!

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