Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nothing new or great

I have decided that I really really really love the name Addalei Sage. Unique. Weird (maybe). I knew a girl in school named Sage. She was so smart. I was always semi-jealous of her intelligence. She left the school early to go to a higher academic school. Not really sure where or for what. She was smart though.

I thought the two names went well together, and I keep saying it out loud. I think I am totally loving it. I get weird looks from the people at work though, well some of them. Not everyone. Oh well, if I named her Emily Lorraine I probably wouldn't get any weird looks, because its plain, used, old fashioned. That is why that name is still an option too. I just need to keep repeating the name to Ryan, because he is not convinced yet. I'll get it! ha ha. Probably not. He will make up another name and I will be swept away by it. Like I have been all the other times he has given me names.

Addalei Sage Tullis
Emily Lorraine Tullis
Sunday at work Addi was kicking up a storm!!! Man she was going wild in there!! Non-stop action. I loved it! It warms my heart so much feeling her kick.

Monday was a crazy day. We have had low census for almost 2 weeks and it picked up with a vengeance yesterday. Six admits, and a few issues on the floor. It was a mess from 3pm on. Glad I have a few days off!

Today, I have been doing random cleaning; laundry, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom. And enjoying some time with Luke. I didn't want to put him down for a nap because I was having such a great time with him today. My sweet little guy!

Side note: see the widget asking you to vote for my nephew, please do!!! He wrote a cute essay about his step dad and and entered it into the newspaper. Chad is trying to adopt him. Its a cute essay, and I hope they win, it would be so fun for their family!!! Thanks.


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