Sunday, May 3, 2009

The girls.

I'm obsessed. With breastfeeding. I have it constantly on my brain. I want so bad to try harder/have better luck this time. I want to help the situation out now.... but there is nothing I can do. I just keep reading things over and over. I am going to get myself all stressed out about it, and not have any luck. Argh. I must calm down, I just wish I could be given the green light or red light signal to tell me one way or another. I hated doing 1 1/2 hour breast feedings with a following pumping session only to be feeding my son mostly formula and less than an ounce of breastmilk. I am definitely focused to do more, and more educated on things to try to help. I will post more on all my thoughts and much more exciting topics than the girls later.

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Sarah Katherine said...

Um, this topic is totally exciting to me ;)
I have a lot of concerns and worries about whether this will go well for me too. I have heard that the first 2 weeks are really REALLY tough and it takes about a month to really get the hang of it.
We'll see I guess...