Thursday, April 23, 2009

Save it for another day.

Baby was in the wrong position. We were unable to see anything, and once again no pictures. I am bummed that he didn't take any for us. But, I suppose I should just be happy he agreed to do another ultrasound. He also told me that we might sneak in at my next appointment for another peek. Good. I wonder if I ask him about it if he would take a 4-D pic like he told me at my 20 week appt???
I mentioned the contractions, and of course, he said the tried and true response, "rest and drink lots of fluids, if it doesn't go away in 1 hour than call." I already knew that. He was nice and explained other possible pre-term labor symptoms and assured me me that if necessary, he would write a Dr. note for me to rest more at work when/if needed. I am happy to here that. So I suppose I have a new favorite OB Dr. However, Dr. J will remain awesome in my book. I just have to squeeze in the other 3 doctors now, because I am supposed to see all in the group in case one of them delivers me, they would have all interacted with the care of my pregnancy. However, with Dr. T "bribing" me with all these ultrasounds, I keep on setting up apportionment's with him. I can honestly say though, I am almost at peace with not knowing. It makes me even more excited for the delivery... many many weeks from now! At least we are at the milestone date, Woo Hoo!

Luke is growing good. Tall for his age, and growing just right. Made the doctor (and all of us)laugh, so that was fun to see. Dr said that she would babysit him anytime if we needed one! Hee hee. My big boy also got 3 shots today. Tolerating them well also.

Ryan will need surgery. He has 2 torn ligaments in his ankle, and a badly bruised bone. The PA there said that Ryan can wait to have surgery. So he is on physical therapy and has a brace in the meantime. Ryan will plan to have surgery when work slows down. In November (after deer season of course).

Loved my new eye doc. Very nice and thorough. New contacts in 2 weeks! Speaking of which, my eyes are very tired and I think I will take out my contacts and get some sleep!

Night all.

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Sarah Katherine said...

Stubborn baby! I am glad they are doing another u/s for you though! What is with the lack of pictures??? If your doc wasn't so nice I'd say get someone else to do those scans! ;) I am really impatient though. That sucks that Ryan will need surgery, but I'm glad it can wait a little bit. Until after the new LO has arrived! And I was wondering if you are bringing Luke when you come to visit? Because I would love to see the little man!

Hope things continue to go well! If you need that note for work make sure you get it...there is no such thing as "light duty" in floor nursing, but having a note helps!!