Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Final Countdown!

I opened my blog page this morning, and seen the little widget stating we were due in 9 days and my jaw dropped. All day yesterday I kept saying 10 days so you would think I would of had it figured out. It was definitely a shock. 9 days. It just looks more officially in writing! I am excited and nervous too. But I am anxious and want it to be less. I am rooting for now or at least by Friday. However, all my BH have sort of slowed down. I think I had been super stressed by the party, and wasn't drinking enough fluids lately. I feel great. In the aspect of how I feel, I could stay pregnant for a while! That must mean it's a ways away before I deliver right? Well, mentally I am super excited and want to have this happen. I do have something I want to discuss with the doctor, however its was an issue with my 1st pregnancy, and it nothing came of it. So I have been pushing it aside, but now I want to ask a few questions. If I get any news out of it I will share, otherwise, its probably TMI.

My house is in desperate need of attention today, so I plan on tackling that. I would also love to go get my baby niece's 1st birthday gift today. They are wanting to reschedule my OB appointment so I might possibly be going today or tomorrow? Not that anything big will come of it though.. "Yep. Baby's in there. See ya next week!" So if my appointment is today then the house cleaning will have to wait! Or at least some of it. :)

Well I suppose I should try to get something done around here, before a North Platte trip is in my schedule.

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