Saturday, July 5, 2008

Crabby Patties Lukewarm

Okay, I have to keep this short. I am irritable tonight. Long, long, long days at work. Sorry I am so tired I need sleep. I will get pics up soon. I am kind of excited about adding lots of little new posts because I haven't imported photos up on my computer for months, and found some simply adorable ones of Luke. I will add one for now and then when I am not so crabby and have more time will post lots!

This pic is SO FUN! It is making my night better. This is when we went to Keystone for Memorial Day weekend. We went camping. Here Daddy and Lukey are wrestling. I love their smiles; this is a definite keeper.


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Sarah Katherine said...

Love the picture Cindy! Sorry you are so tired...I can't wait for new photos and posts though :) Sending love and prayers your way...