Friday, July 18, 2008

Full Speed Ahead

YAH! We are over the speed bump!!!! Full Speed ahead!

Dr. Cretella states that he thinks we can put Ryan onto follow up mode. We go to Mayo Clinic on July 31 to find out for sure, and to also find out how closely Ryan needs watched. But based on Dr. C's opinion, no more Chemo!!!

Well ,We have a busy weekend ahead of us. I am trying to finish my Painting project and we are trying to get a few things done with other kitchen and remodeling things, while impatiently waiting for our countertops.

I am also a gift receiver for one of my close friends Amber's wedding. I had a great time at her bachlorette party, I hope to get some of those pics in my computer some time so I can share some of that with you. It was fun dressing up in prom dresses and masks and running around. I miss those girls. We had such a fun time.

Lukey has 3 molars popped up in his mouth now. And he is too small for his size 5 shoes.... Sigh. They are not kidding when they say they grow up to fast. I was admring his footprints we have imprints of, from when he was 4 days old. Wow! He was so tiny!
Well I am so happy that all this is getting close to being over. I was going to share our 4th of July pictures before, but this seems like a good time to use fireworks to show how happy, elated and thankful I am right now!!!!! Thank you to everyone for your prayers and thoughts during this time.


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