Monday, July 7, 2008

Me Casa es Su Casa

Here is a few pics on our latest development of our house. I Hope to get a slide show thing set up for more pictures but for now a long post of pictures will do. Enjoy!

Kitchen and stairs in dining room.

Dining room/patio doors, with our lovely view of the dump truck! =)
the mocha-brown room is the kitchen.

View of the upstairs from the dining room.

My paint project! Living room.

Close up of the living room paint project.

Silver, copper and gold, metallic paint on my wall. I love it!!!!

It has a glowy shine to it and depending on where you look and what lights are hitting it, the different colors stand out. It's really more neat in person than what you see here.

It was a great day we got alot accomplished. We got all of the 3/4" sturdy tounge and groove floor board screwed down. When I say screwed down, I am NOT kidding. There are a lot more than 2 thousand screws to hold down the flooring in the kitchen and dining room. Ryan is also going to screw down the flooring in the Living room to where we are going to have carpet. and Ryan said, "So, it better not squeek!" There you have it. We are hopefully going to have a quiet floor here soon! Yah!

Tomorrows plan-- chemo treatment and bring the cabinets down from upstairs. If Ryan is feeling good. He is definitely not feeling top notch these last 2 "easy weeks." The Chemo has caught up with him, and he just doesn't have as much fire as he usually has to get things done. This bums him out. I try to do as much as I can for him so he can conserve his energy, however his "red headed stubborness." kicks in and he pushes himself. Probably farther than he should. So please pray that Ryan's energy improves, and that he lets himself slow down a little more. Good night everyone. Sweet dreams and blessings from our house to yours!


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