Sunday, March 22, 2009

Everyday Strides

Really, life is blah right now. I don't feel that this post is news worthy or exciting. So I'll try to keep it short.

Luke-- Next week is his 2nd B-day!!! Wow such a big boy!!! I am sad and excited at the same time. We will just have family here for cake and ice cream. No big party this year. I am trying to figure out if I should bake his cake or find some one to do it for me? Not sure.

Baby-- still no big continuous movement cycle. Just a few squirms here and there are all I feel. Names: Levi James, and Jeremiah David are the toppers right now, no definite. Girls on the other hand, I feel really unsettled and a strong dislike for all of the name I had liked before, so I am back to square one. This Thursday is our BIG day. Lets hope this little one is agreeable for Dr. T. I am getting so excited for our appointment! 4 days!

Me-- Cold is better, I had a heart spell at work again. 140's and I was short of breath, diaphoretic and dizzy. I plan on talking to the Dr. about this to see if there is something I should be watching more. I know that this has reared it ugly face before and it eludes to a lot of dollars being shelled out for no necessary reason. Precaution, you think, I should just check, well when I have heard it 2-3 times already what it is and that I really can't do anything about it, what's the point of emptying my pockets out. I don't know. We'll see what doc thinks.

I am reading the Twilight series, now on New Moon. I have to say that I really am enjoying the books. The characters have encapsulated me. I am curious to see the movie. I am wondering if the movie is just the over first book or if it covers all 4 of the books. If someone knows please let me know. I would hate to spoil the books if it is over the whole series.

House-- Ryan is upstairs right now clearing/cleaning up the demolished walls that were!! I hope to go upstairs to help install insulation this afternoon while Luke is napping! Woohoo! We are using a plastic wrapped insulation, very nice!! I need to go dig in the basement for my mask so I don't breath any dust in! I am excited how we are coming along!

Plans- I guess the thing that we are planning is the US Thursday. Tonight we are going to benefit supper and concert for a pastor that is undergoing cancer treatments. I work Mon-Wed. But well absolutely find time to at least post what we found out at the US-- if we can see! ;)

Have a good week. Stay warm with this cold/snowy weather heading our way!!!


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