Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ryan and I discussed our girl name options again, and compromised on a great first name but are so-so on the middle name. Which this may all change 3-4 months down the road but anyways,

Maybe you are wondering how that is pronounced... (add-a-lie). But don't say it like that! She will not be a lie. hee hee. Several middle name options I am going to go with. I would like everyones input too.
Addalei Dawn
Addalei Jae
Addalei Hope
Addalei Rose
Or something completely different!
Boys names to me right now are not as fun, so I haven't made them a focus, but Ryan and I really are liking:
Levi James
So let us know what you think!

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Sarah Katherine said...

I was working or I would have gotten to commenting on this sooner! Love the boy name, but I agree that boy names are not so much fun. Love the girl name too! I like Addalei Jae. Or Grace. Something with one syllable sounds best, IMO. Though I tend to favor Marie as a middle name as well. What about Addalei Lynn? ;) Middle names are also a bit tough, but getting the first out of the way is a huge relief so congrats on that! Hope all is well. When is your next ultrasound going to be??