Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thigh Master Baby

Little Tullis had decided that he/she was content to squeeze his/her legs together really tight so mommy and daddy and Dr. T. couldn't see what he/she really was. So, I don't have really any exciting news.

The heart looks great. Measurements came in saying the due date is Aug. 12th, but Dr. says we will keep the 13th for the due date. Ryan was able to see the baby's feet really good and see toesies and all that jazz. I can't see the monitor from across the room very well, and Dr. T, wasn't able to snap a clear pic. So, I couldn't really see them. :^( I got four, rather poor pics that I couldn't decipher a whole lot from. I don't plan to post them, but I might next month. I really wished Dr. could have gotten a shot of the thigh master baby in action. You could see both legs out perfectly straight together, squeezing the thighs shut. No peeking! Dr. T. also that in 4 weeks he will get another U/S to see if baby is done exercising the thighs and will let us look. I asked him about a 4-D photo and he said at 28 weeks we will try to get a face photo. He would have this time but he said, "the baby looks like a martian right now. Let's wait until he/she looks more like a Gerber baby." So more or less the next 2 appointments I will get an U/S.

I also asked him about the heart issue. He was concerned about the 140 rates, and said if this persists we should probably have me see the cardiologist. Money money money...... I am sure its a sinus tach, and stress induced--- but I am almost finished with my deductible and will get more coverage by my insurance anyways. Ryan thinks I should check it out. Hopefully it won't happen again and we won't have to worry.

Dr. T also solved one mystery for me, but I think I already had it figured out, I just need him to clarify. The placenta is safely towards the front on my uterus (belly side not back side) and thus creating a heavy blanket in the front, and so that is why I am not feeling my little peanut moving as much as I did with Luke. I had the notion that that was the reason why, I just wasn't for sure. Which is a relief because my other idea was not a good one.

So hopefully we will have some good pics coming in the next couple of months! :) I was bummed about the poor quality of pictures I received today. I will be honest and tell you that I was so selfish that I cried that I couldn't get a foot picture. I was looking forward to that one. But honestly, my baby is healthy and growing. why am I being that selfish? I should be elated that he/she is doing so well!!! So I put on a better face, and looked and my not great pictures and decided that on the femur picture you can see the foot on one leg and most likely the toes, and on the Abdomen measurement picture you can see the left hand and all 5 fingers. Then I started to feel better. And Ryan treated me to some yummy Mexican food, and let me get the expensive guacamole dip for our chips and salsa! Yum! And now, all though extremely tired, I feel happy and at peace with the appointment, and I wish 4 weeks would fly by quickly! Hee Hee.

So I also am going to note that we are wanting to take a trip, after we hopefully get the gender found out, to Omaha. So, Sarah, in May sometime we might have to plan a shopping day!!!?? I am already excited about it. Ryan is wanting to go to a poker tournament at the casinos, and that is an all morning/afternoon event. We could have a wonderful afternoon getting some great baby supplies, that is, if you think you can manage it with your due date coming shortly around the corner then. Anyways, let me know!!!

Well I found out what I was needing to know about the Twilight movie, and so I got the 1st movie and plan on watching it right now, while Luke naps. Or I might take a nap too. I am so tired today!


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Sarah Katherine said...

I know I already responded, but I would have cried too! Shoot, I almost did cry that day a little bit out of shock, not going to lie, plus our sonographer had ZERO personality. But I found out I might get another u/s too around 30 weeks (thanks to the high BP issue) so...yeah! I am so glad you get the 4D...they don't do that at mine darn it! It will be so awesome and worth the wait I'm sure of it :) Anyway, you'll see my other response in my blog too! Love ya!