Monday, June 15, 2009

Parade and park fun

I took Luke to the Kids parade they had for NebraskaLand Days. Him and his aunt Brentney and cousin Gage dressed up like Rockin' Cowboys/cowgirl. They were very cute. I will post a pic if I get one, or when I figure out the video camera hook up to the net thing..... We then went and ate at a yummy Chinese restaurant, and then made our way to the par. Where we saw lots of baby animals, and played until we were really hot on the playground, then got some ice cream, which was enjoyed by everyone!! So much fun!!! I loved it, I believed Luke enjoyed it more, but it was a close tie.

The Cardiologist clinic reached me today. My appointment will be next wednesday. I am relieved. I have had three more episodes since my doctors appointment. I also found a disgusting familiarity with it all. I have been a sweating queen at work last few days. It is disgusting! I soaked my scrub top, and I really hadn't been very physical. Just passing meds and assessing patients. For which I feel terrible about, I am sure I stunk ALL day long. Arg!!

I am tired now. I was hoping to get some mowing done after we got home, because after all the fun we had I just knew Luke would want to pass out. Nope. not the case. So I am hanging out with little dude while he relaxes and watches a movie.

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Gracie said...

Glad your appt is coming up soon. Still praying for you =)