Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Update and a little extra

Theses are pics we took of Luke last night; the Schwan's man always gives Luke a page of stickers and it's quite obvious what he proceeds to do with them. He is always precisely putting them on and then taking them back off and placing nicely on the paper they came from. Such a neat little guy I have!! ha ha.
We went the North Platte yesterday to see my sisters and nephew. We did some crafts and the boys got paint on them and their projects. I should have snapped a pic of Luke's puppy he painted. He was very detailed with everything.
I suppose its that time of the week again I better update you all on little Addi!
How far along: 30 weeks today! I am officially 3/4 the way done! Woohoo!

Mommy's weight gain: 17 pounds as of yesterday. Trying to be good. Once again, am loving fruit right now so it make it much easier.

Baby's size: The still say 3 pounds however, she is 15.5 inches long now. The reason for that is that they say the energy is being used to form the brain better right now. I have been feeling so much more movement this last week, its awesome!

Cravings: Fruit and red meat. Steaks and hamburgers sound so good!

Labor signs: Well I won't go into detail, but something feels different down under and when I go see the doc next week I am going to discuss it. I have been feeling pretty good for the most part. A little dizzy today, but over all no recurrent BH or anything.

Maternity clothes: Wearing sleepy clothes most of the time and Ryan's T-shirts. I need to get out and buy a few more nursing bras, but I will have to wait until i know if that road will be a traveled one or not...

Sleep: My arms are starting to fall asleep at night. Its aggravating. However, the bathroom frequency has lightened a smidgen.

Milestone: I guess feeling the baby move so much. Other people are starting to be able to see the movements now too. Which is fun.

Luke and I are on the heavy bathroom patrol. He has gone twice really well. I hope he keeps it up. He had a meltdown once though. I hate those, it makes me feel like I am pushing him to do this before he is ready. Well I really need to get some things done around here. Have a great day everyone!

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