Thursday, June 25, 2009

Growing Girl

Had my appointments over the last few days.

I was having a heart spell at work, they sent me over to NHI. I had already started to calm down before I got there, but I was still flushed, sweaty and dizzy. Then did an EKG sinus tach 115. BP was a little high, mostly due to me rambling and nervous 146/104. So then I sported a heart monitor and and got labs drawn. Yesterday I returned the heart monitor and they informed me that my labs are fine. Never once did I have another episode to say while wearing it. I felt a few faster heart rates low 100s, and a few palpitations, but not the 144 I was doing the day before. I have an echo scheduled for the 1st. And a follow up appointment the 10th. They said they will most likely give be a beta blockers to lower the heart rate and calm some of those symptoms down. I am sure they are going to tell me like they have in the past. Idiopathic sinus tachycardia. Mind over matter. Sigh. We will see.

But that's not the reason I am posting. I wanted to share my OB appointment with you all. First off, I once again tell you that I love Dr. J. By far the best! So thorough. My mother in law went with me to this appointment, since I was getting an US and had taken my mom to one, I thought I'd have Holly join me this time. We went back to the US room, got my BP taken. It was just fine. Phew! Dr. J comes in. I asked if the baby was positioned right if he could peek. "Of course" I was told! Score! I know that the picture on the side bar changes every week, but right now its on 33 weeks and that was just about the position the baby was in. Dr. pointed out the femur and then stopped on on area and asked us what the certain body part was. I was thinking labia, but was afraid to have my thoughts denied and be told something else. Holly asked "scrotum?" Dr. J says "No. That's the labia. This is a little girl. The dark color is fluid and that is the fluid around the area. " It was a clear shot of my little girls parts. I have a picture actually, but I don't think I will post it. Kinda weird maybe, but I feel as if that is too personal..... She was so camera shy for so long, now I post her to the world? Haha. Silly I know.

Then he measured the head, and abdomen, the femur, and looked at her heart, and he pointed out the features of her face, and the showed us her little foot with one toe sticking up, it was adorable. He also showed us her abdomen moving and explained that she was practicing breathing with diaphragm movements!! Way neat to see. That's my girl! Then he looked at the fluid and placenta. He explained all the many reasons in which I could have been measuring large (which was a measurement of 35 weeks instead of 31), and said that everything looked great. Healthy baby. She is growing at the 50th percentile, and actually estimated that she was 4 lbs 13 ounces!!!! Way to grow! Ryan pointed out that the EDD in the pictures say August 9th, 2009, that's 4 days early. But the Dr. didn't say anything different so I am sticking with the 13th, until she tells us differently! :)

He reassured me of many other things, and told me that I just need to make myself relax with the heart thing. He also told me not to gain much more weight. I started to protest that their scale is so off. and since my appointments have been later and later in the afternoon there was food to account for. I told him on my home scale I have weighed the same for 2 months now with just a few ounces difference. I think he could tell that I was ready to attack about all of it. I feel I am doing great, and he did look into that and said to just be careful, about it. Which kinda unnerved me a little because this is when the baby is going to be the one gaining, how am I supposed to stop that! According to my scale I did jump up a teeny bit and am now up 19 lbs. I am eating healthy (for the most part) and am actually doing a low intensity work out. That I feel great about, and if I do say so myself, I can gain 5-10 lbs and not have too much trouble. I have 7 weeks left. Wow. Can you believe that?

I need to get stuff prepared for her. I feel weird changing Luke's room around, but I need to get things situated so I am not digging out of the closet for stuff for her each day.... I don't know what to do. It's still Luke's room and I want him to be able to play in but I need to set things up so they are ready for her, without his little fingers getting into everything. Ryan is allowing me to get a girl bedding set and so I am looking at some different options, I want it to be purple, and something that goes well with a yellow wall. I have two options right now.

Ryan and I also had a discussion about her name again. He really likes Sarah still. I like the name but am not in love with the name. Addalei-- I have a 75% love for. Emilee Dawn 40%. I feel that maybe I shouldn't have been open about the name, because now I feel kinda stuck with Addalei, I mean Luke says it now, and knows that there is a baby hiding in mommy's belly named Addalei and even prays for her, by name. So I feel like I have to use it. And now that makes me not like it so much. But Ryan has made it clear that Sage will not be her middle name. He doesn't like it at all. So I have been mulling over a few different names and I know at first I didn't care for it but I think I like Addalei Rose Tullis. Ryan loved it, but will give it some time. I will keep my backup names there too. Ryan still likes Adrienne also.

Well I have blabbed on and on. I am going to go finish up some laundry and straighten my house a little more. Bye for now!

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Gracie said...

Awww, glad your baby girl was cooperative during her US =) 19 lbs sounds great to me. I think you are doing wonderful! Still praying for your ECHO.