Friday, October 24, 2008

Photo Fun

Yesterday I had planned on taking a bunch of photos and posting them. Kind of like "A day in my life in photos," post. I was doing rather well, I had some taken and was importing them into the computer until Luke decided it was time to play with him, and shut the computer off. So that whole idea didn't work yesterday. So I am posting late for my yesterday life... :)

We had a terrible snow/rain storm come through the day and night before. I thought this pumpkin looked really neat with the snow on it though.

The wind was very strong and destroyed most of our tree out front.

There is the computer man. See I was getting ready to blog, hee hee...

There is my little man. I love him SO much!

That was my yesterday in photos. I am also going to post some food pics that I have been negligent at posting.


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