Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random Post

This is just a boring post today. Nothing really great to share.

I am still having the pelvic pain, at times it's better, however today it seems worse, maybe because I am not at work, Thus, I am thinking about it/noticing it more...?

I am not sure if i have shared the good news you all. But Ryans CT's, which were done the first week of this month, came back clear! So, no sign of anymore cancer!! Yippie!

Luke is saying new words that's a little fun.
I will tell you some and give you a guessing game I suppose. Its been awhile since I've done that.

"Byche"-- Bryce his cousin

"po-pen"-- open


Here is your guessing ones:

"bwew-sips"-- Hints: one word and its a food item?

"oo-baw"-- Hints: one word, and its a sport?

"ow-we-all"-- Hints: one word, a lot shorter than he pronounces it, and also a food item?

Have a good day!!


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