Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sick Day

Wow. I believe the worst feeling in the world is seeing your baby sick. Physically getting sick, it tore my heart up. Luke has caught a stomach virus and has been sick all night. Got sick twice this morning too. I hate seeing that. Although its disgusting and I hate seeing him get sick, he is so cute. After he threw up he looked at me like "whoa Mom what just happened?" looks back down at the vomit and says,

"Yes baby, its ucky. Lets get you cleaned up. "

My sweet little Boy.

I am not feeling to spunky myself. I hope I am not catching the stomach virus, and if I am I pray that Luke is tolerant of a sick Momma... Argh.

Well I am going to make another post about Ryan Birthday (which was yesterday) which wasn't a typical birthday.


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