Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Charisma

Christmas!!!!! I LOVE Christmas!!!!!

I love love love the songs praising God for sending his baby boy to be born and later die for us unworthy people! Oh, I can never get enough of the Christmas music!!! I am soooo ready to decorate and currently am enjoying the some Christmas music. Ella Fitzgerald, Big Crosby, Frank Sinatra... Oh Man it pumps me up!

The Christmas play is today. Whoo Hoo. I am nervous and excited about. I am now taking a major part in the play, as one of the actresses was unable to take her part anymore-- the day before Thanksgiving, so, now yours truly is "Angelina-- the partyiest Baddest Angel." The play is a short play about bad angels trying to prove they're worthy of not being sent to the Black Hole. It's a cute play. This weekend I was to learn the lines exactly and direct the rest, while working... it didn't work the best, however, I was able to coax some wonderful helpers the hold practices for me. Please pray that tonight will go great and flawless!!!!

My sister in law told me a phase that I have been meditating on, and it definitely has helped.

Too Blessed to be Stressed

That's my new theme, and although at work this weekend I didn't meditate on this or pray enough, it did help when I thought of it and said a little prayer. Sigh...

Well I need to get the programs printed and cut for the play. You all are welcome to come see the play and enjoy some small town Christmas Charm tonight if you would like.

Christmas Charisma to You!


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