Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The play went okay. Somewhere along the way we got totally mixed up... and skipped a lot and then retraced back. It was alright though... We had fun and the Theater was PACKED!!! Not even standing room left!!!
So that was neat. My father in law took pictures so I will post some whenever I get them.

Today is Christmas decorating day. I will see how helpful the little dude is. We are going to decorate all except the tree... because we don't have it yet. We have to wait for more snow to make the tree hunting process more fun. It's our tradition to go after a blizzard/big snowstorm, like RIGHT after it, the road are probably not meant to be on then but Ryan is too adventurous. Since Luke's arrival we have waited until the snowstorm was over and everything calmed. My blog ID picture was Luke's first Christmas experience. The one before Luke..... I was pregnant. And Emotional, and cried that we were taking the tree from its family. WOW! That was funny after I had Luke and realized how silly it was.
So, I look forward to getting hot chocolate for us and chocolate milk for Luke and candy canes and driving through the pastures to look for that perfect Christmas tree.

What traditions do you have during Christmas time?

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Sarah Katherine said...

One of my favorites with my sisters and parents was driving around in the van to look at christmas lights while snacking on McD's french fries. I don't know what it was about the fries that just MADE it holiday time. So weird. So now, I make Jesse drive me around to look at lights while I munch on french fries :) As a matter of fact...that sounds like something we will have to squeeze in this week if possible!

Right now I'm trying to invent some of our own to share with Sparky once he/she arrives...time will tell!