Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weary and Unproductive

Blah! So there are a ton of things that I need to be doing, I am very lackadaisical. When I finally get the motivation to get something done around here, I tired and its late. Well not today! I am going to try to get a list of things done before my LONG weekend of work... Yuck.
My List
  • Blog entry. Done wo hoo!
  • Laundry-- folding and putting away.
  • Sweep and mop kitchen.
  • Get a plan for Christmas Eve supper dishes ready. (Nervous about this one, first holiday at our house. Eeep! I am hoping Ryan's small family gathering will go well, and be able to have my bigger family gathering here for another holiday. I hope we have enough room! I am sure we will make due!)
  • Call Holly about Christmas Eve
  • Get bills paid
  • Get some Christmas card out!
  • Clean bedroom.
  • Scrub toilet--- yuck.
  • Take trash out. Even more yuck

See how I cleverly placed the yucky ones on the bottom... Maybe I won't be able to get to them and Ry... ahem. Excuse me, I will have to do it some other time. So, I had better just get it done sooner so I don't have to mess with it at 900 tonight when I am getting everything settled for my work weekend. On to more interesting things.

The Direct TV man is coming today! I am kinda excited, I love watching HGtv at work during my lunch break so, I will probably have it tuned there at times. Also, I will need to check out the kiddies channels. That's what I am not so excited about. I am nervous about getting a stony TV faced child, who get sits there, and me not realizing how terrible its getting will allow it. Ahh. No I will shut the !&#* thing off. I will not do that!! I am going to try my hardest. Luke runs around and plays so well, I don't want him time warped into the t.v. I don't want to be that either! However, I am excited to watch some prime time shows, like biggest loser and there are a few others that I see on the T.V. when I am leaving from work that I think hmm... that looks good. Ryan doesn't like prime time, however we are getting a super deal which we are getting a DVR. I am stoked to be able to record my shows. So I hope that goes okay. It has been over a year since we have had t.v. I actually didn't mind it but my hubby is missing the football games and news... Eh. No big deal to me. We went to his folks and stared at their t.v. for hours watching football. It was nice to hang out over there, I just hated it being for that reason.

Well I better get my list started so I can be done with it sooner! Have a great day!


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Sarah Katherine said...

The tv thing worries me too~! But mainly because I feel like I watch TOO much tv myself. We record tons of shows on the dvr, and sometimes on my days off that's just what I do...catch up on tv. It's sad, really. During the holidays I'm a lot better about it because we're so busy. But since I've been sick I've seen a LOT of top chef reruns. Oh well. I promise it's one of the things I will start to work on after the first trimester is over. That list is getting longer and longer ;)