Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Fun

Luke and I are going out to Mi-Mi and Pa-pa's house and we are going to dye some eggs and make a pinata for our Easter celebration. Bryce and Bella are staying with them this weekend, so we will get to hang out with them too. It will be fun! I look forward to today's festivities.

The camera is not in the house right now or I would load up the 1st sledding adventure for you. We had a blast. I took pictures, until the last go around were Luke, Daddy and I attempted to sled down together... We didn't even make it 10 feet, my rear slid off the sled and I was laying there holding Luke in the snow. It was funny. We got cold pretty quickly but it was a blast! I will try to post pics later if I remember....

Baby has been SO much more active! I am thrilled!!!! I love all the little jumps and pops I feel. I love love love it!!! 2 weeks until the next US!! Little baby obey Mommy and show us your stuff!

Have a great day!

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