Monday, April 6, 2009

Day off. Day of fun.

Tidying up the house as I go today. Try to keep everything orderly, since I work again for two more days. I hate the one day off scam. Just give me my days straight up and then I can relax longer. Oh well. I have from a 4 day weekend coming up.

So far I have gotten laundry done, cleaned out the dishwasher, fed the fam breakfast. Tidied up the bedroom and bathroom. Next is bath for Luke and play-doh time. First play-doh time ever so we will see how this goes. I am not sure where my camera is. I might have to snap some pic with my phone cam. Which are not very good quality. This afternoon we are going to take Luke out and do some sledding if the weather permits doing so. Its rather windy here this morning so I don't want my buddy to get too cold.

I am going to make some Spilt Pea Soup for supper I think. Ryan made Finnish Coffee Bread yesterday so that will be a nice extra with our meal.

The baby is moving so much more now. I could actually feel him/her on the outside! I was pretty excited. I tried to get Ryan to feel the same, but all he could feel was his own pulse in his hand.... The baby even kicked pretty good after Daddy was talking to him/her! Drat! maybe next time!
Anyways I had better get little guy cleaned up.

Stay Warm!

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