Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I met the challenge.

Not that I thought it was going to be easy, but man is it tricky doing potty training! Luke is doing really well I think.
The first urination with the underwear on was a good indication to me that things were going to progress nicely today. He ran desperately hollering potty potty potty, trying to get to the bathroom, peeing most of the way there. He was pretty distraught over the situation at first. He didn't do anything in toilet said "ya aww dun" (you all done?) and was ready for his next pair of underwear Then he showed me where the mess was and help cleaned it up .
He helped mommy clean all the messes he made throughout the day, and would come and tell mommy when he had gone, started to go, or maybe needed to go. Most of our numerous trips to the potty were no goers, but 4, yes, count them 4, were actually positive pee-pee in the potty trips. He cried some times that we stopped activities or his veggie tales movie for the potty breaks, but the last time he went, he got business done and actually watched himself do such, and was happy!! Every time he went pee pee he got a sticker and candy! Totally great! He loved it. I could tell that he was getting the idea. No poo-poos yet. I imagine he will complete that now that he is back in his diaper for his nap. Hopefully he will try that sometime diaper less soon too.

I have to reward myself to, because it is rather stressful, trying to explain to your little one where they need to go and that they need to get there first. I tried not to be frustrated, especially when Luke was crying while on the potty. I thought maybe he is not ready for this, but then he went, and I was so proud and knew that I just needed to keep it up. So I felt much better after that. He had continuously dribbled up to that point (except the first potty accident, which was a puddle). So I had a lot of carpet to clean and thought this was a terrible idea. But you know I gotta keep focused, because ]
1) he needs to be potty trained
2) I don't want 2 little ones in diapers if I can help it!
3) the Lord held my hand as I coached and taught my son today. That much is for sure! So I treasure the closeness I received while Potty training.

I would love to continue with the potty training after Luke wakes from his nap but he is going to hang out with his Grandpa. I hate to put that pressure on Pa-Pa on Luke's first day at it. So diapers it is until Daddy comes and brings him home.
I am going to a Taste of Home cooking show. I am stoked! They give away great prizes and I learn lots of cool recipes, and am so eager to try them out afterwards!!!

Tomorrow Luke and I will try again and see how we do.


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