Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday daze

We went to Kearney for a day trip that turned into a overnight trip. I knew I should have packed a overnight bag!! We bought Luke a mattress for a toddler bed we haven't purchased yet. Got all three of us swimming outfits so we could go swimming at the pool at the hotel. I am glad to have a better fitting swimsuit, but I am not so pleased at how I looked in it. Mind you, that most of me was before baby. Actually, I am growing ever so affectionately for my baby bump. It looks right now! Yippey! I will have to snap a few pics, now that I am feeling better about it. But, not with the swimsuit.... something with much more coverage! :)

I have been having a few contractions lately. They are mildly painful, they make my tummy really hard and achy from the top of the uterus to the lowest part possible; mostly painful in the the lower part, but they go away after a few minutes and are infrequent. Friday, at work, they were a little more consistent. I had a back ache to go along with it. I had been doing quite a bit of walking, and after I relaxed for longer than an hour, then went away completely. I will be sure to mention it to the Dr's this Thursday, just in case.

Sigh.... Thursday, what a busy, hopefully good, milestoned day it will be! 24 weeks on Thursday. We have made it to the clearing point. Not out of danger zone, but the baby is viable. and that means a lot to me. They will fight harder to keep my baby alive, if something were to happen. God I pray that nothing does happen. Thursday is when we have our next US!!! Show us what you got baby! Luke has his 2 year check up. Ryan is following up on his MRI of his ankle, to find out if he has ligament damage or what is causing him pain to his right ankle. And what is needed to fix it. Surgery or just PT. I am praying for the best outcome. I also have an eye appointment. Every person in the family will be checked-up on!!

Oh man, the hormones are hitting me hard lately. Mood swings and hot flashes like crazy! I am sweating while everyone else in bundled up!!! I also have been having this weird taste of pocket lint in my mouth lately, I believe it is just a weird variation of heartburn. (How do I know what pocket lint tastes like, you ask? As a kid didn't you ever place a candy in your pocket for later, and once you popped the candy in your mouth you tasted the lint from your pocket also....? No..... Well okay, I am just really weird then.)

Well that's enough musing for one day. Later everyone!!!

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