Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Health update and a little venting.

Had my echo today. The tech that does it, said everything looked great. Yesterday, NHI called and said that my heart strips were back and my rate ranged from 62-182. When I actually noted a symptom of faster heart rate or palpitations it was only 118 as a high. They will review it more with me on the 10th. I also exercised and am sure that's when the 182 rate came into play. I felt fine though-- an understandable fast rate that went away quickly. My episodes are when I am virtually doing nothing and last 20-30 minutes. I want to catch those!!

Now I am just going to be dismissed and nothing of it. Its aggravating to me. I want to scream, and cry and be upset over it. I feel like a fool. The Echo tech kept saying "this is so easy, I've never had a good looking heart as this." Why would that make me angry? I have no idea, but I do feel angry about it all. I honestly don't want something to be wrong with my heart. I just want answers. Not the brush -off. I feel 182 is terribly high. But I never felt it was that high. I hear the words now. "You just need to increase your activity level (exercise regimen) and practice stress relief techniques." (aka: "It's all in your head and you are morbidly obese and need to lose some freaking weight.")

I am so sorry, this is coming across very negative to everyone reading. I have been moody these last few days and I few bad about it. So I am sorry you are catching it. But I needed another outlet, praying helps calm me but I want to release my anger first.

I am going to go get supper ready for my wonderful supportive husband now.

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