Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Abra Cadabra

As you can see I changed thing up here a bit. Was SUPER excited when I realized you can change the font of your blog. Let me know if the color/ font changes make it hard for you to read. I'd hate to lose any of my few readers because of it! Anyways, planning on doing some laundry this morning and watering the berry patch (that is if we don't get the rain that hopefully will be showing up here soon.)

Loving life right now. I am so excited to work on my daughters quilt. Maybe tomorrow. I am nervous about the actual "quilting" part of it. Before, I just placed yarn holders in the childish quilts I made. Hope this one turns out OK.

This Friday I hope to have my little sister and my nephew spend the night. Park, pizza, and a movie are the line-up. Saturday I am going to go to my Great grandmas and help sort through things. Excited to see family, but the task I am sure won't be that exciting. And Sunday is branding at my in-laws. I will get to see my nephew and nieces, and give cows shots. I love brandings.

Please let me know if the blog changes are hard for you to read.

Well goodnight all.


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